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Medical Imaging and Electronic Data Capture in Clinical Trials
BioClinica, Inc.
All clinical trial data are ultimately digital. The pathway to this digital database is not always as connected as one might expect in this technological age. The backbone of clinical trials is now Electronic Data Capture (EDC), and this is not yet synchronous with the other major aspects of data collection, such as medical imaging. With the need for more streamlined processes, this paper ...
Data Loss Prevention
Innovatum, Inc.
Data and information—whether trade secrets, intellectual property, customer records, patient information, credit card numbers, social security numbers, sales figures or manufacturing specs—is as valuable to business as treasure. Technology has further increased the value of such information, allowing it to be stored, accessed and shared. However, open system technology has also introduced real ...
Article: CMMS / EAM Maintenance Software in the Cloud
CyberMetrics Corporation
Let’s say you’re a facility maintenance manager, whose duties include issuing asset preventative maintenance tickets, ensuring performance of work orders to OSHA standards, fielding emergency equipment breakdowns, minimizing downtime and measuring all associated costs. Managing a facility’s assets can be complex, so likely at the heart of your maintenance operations exists a computer with ...
Data Management Strategies
BioClinica, Inc.
Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems should be more than just a means to an end. Quality EDC systems can enable the entire clinical trials information management process. Your diligence in implementing thorough preparation—including edit check specifications and standardized eCRF design—will improve the efficiency of your study, and help you avoid some of the most common pitfalls even an ...
Case Study: Terumo Medical and FaciliWorks 8i Web-based CMMS Maintenance Management Software
CyberMetrics Corporation
Case Study: Terumo Medical FaciliWorks 8i Server, Professional Edition Web-based Enterprise Asset Management Software For Terumo Medical, FaciliWorks 8i is just what the doctor ordered. For more than 80 years, the name Terumo has been synonymous with high-quality, innovative medical devices. From its start in 1921 as a manufacturer of clinical thermometers, Terumo Corporation has grown ...
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ClinCapture Demo Video Clinovo Use our intuitive drag and drop CRF tools to build and deploy your studies faster! Once deployed, add any number of complex edit checks to your CRFs. With ...
C Series Promo Video CognitiveTPG High performance in a small footprint... With the VERSATILITY to meet all your labeling needs!

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