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Thermo Fisher Scientific’s NIR Commitment to Biopharma
Thermo Scientific Cell Culture and Bioprocessing
Process variability is a leading cause in biopharmaceutical batch failure and impacts the value and profitability of the industry. Learn how Thermo Fisher Scientific's Antaris NIR analyzers can be implemented in bioprocess manufacturing to gather useful data to limit process variability and increase successful target molecule production.
Bioprocessing and Partnering
Laureate Biopharma
Robert J Broeze is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Laureate Pharma. He has over 20 years of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry, with technical expertise spanning research, development, characterisation, validation and current Good Manufacturing Process (cGMP) manufacture of biopharmaceutical products, from pilot to phase III clinical and commercial scale with a strong ...
The new ultrafleXtreme
Bruker BioSpin Corporation
The new ultrafleXtreme™ revolutionizes what you can achieve with a MALDI-TOF and opens new fields for research and industry. Applications such as in-depth characterization of Biopharmaceuticals, high speed tissue imaging based biomarker discovery and glycoproteomics extend beyond classical proteomics utilizing a multitude of technology innovations and unique proprietary software. MALDI Imaging ...
A Clinical Perspective on IV Medication Delivery
Baxter's BioPharma Solutions business
A Clinical Perspective on IV Medication Delivery Exploring the Benefits of Ready-to-Use IV Products A Clinical Perspective on IV Medication Delivery Management of medication delivery through intravenous (IV) administration is a complex and challenging task for pharmacists. Many considerations influence IV administration including patient safety, medical efficacy, budget implications and labor ...
Implementation of LEAN Techniques in Baxter's QC Laboratory
Baxter's BioPharma Solutions business
Implementing LEAN Techniques in Quality Control Optimizing and Leveraging Improved Efficiency Implementation of LEAN Techniques in Baxter’s QC Laboratory Applying LEAN techniques can result in improved productivity, workflow efficiency and cost savings. The Quality Control Laboratory at Baxter’s contract manufacturing facility in Halle/Westfalen, Germany, has been applying LEAN techniques since ...
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Tutela Wireless Temperature Monitoring Tutela Monitoring Systems LLC Tutela wireless temperature monitoring systems are fully FDA compliant, deliver unparalleled accuracy, and rock-solid audit trails for complete regulatory ...

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