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Soluplus is a polymeric solubilizer with an amphiphilic chemical structure, which was particularly developed for solid solutions. Due to its bifunctional character, it is able to act as a matrix polymer for solid solutions on the one hand, and, on the other hand, it is capable of solubilizing poorly soluble drugs in aqueous media. Furthermore, Soluplus can increase the bioavailability of poorly ...
Allicin – Antibiotic Power from the Nature
Stanford Chemicals
Allicin – Antibiotic Power from the Nature Native to Central Asia, garlic has been known and used for more than 7,000 years and has been of an importance to the ancient civilizations in the Mediterranean region, Asia, Africa, and Europe. It is said that Egyptians appreciated garlic so much, and worshipped it, that they left clay garlic bulbs in the tomb of Tutankhamen. Apart from being valued ...
Apigenin – Powerful Anti-Cancer Treatment
Stanford Chemicals
Apigenin – Powerful Anti-Cancer Treatment Some plant derived substances are capable of killing selectively cancer cells, while keeping the normal human cells alive and functioning – an important and highly desirable characteristic. Flavonoids are a widespread group of natural polyphenolic compounds with a variety of biological roles in plants. They have been receiving considerable attention in ...
Applications of Hyaluronic Acid in Eye Surgery
Stanford Chemicals
Applications of Hyaluronic Acid in Eye Surgery Hyaluronic acid (HA) is widely present in many tissues of the body, such as the skin, cartilage, and the vitreous humor - the fluid inside the eye, where it is highly concentrated. The vitreous substance of the eye is composed almost completely of hyaluronic acid, giving its viscous gel like characteristics. This gel functions as a shock absorber ...
Artemisinin Resistance Can Be Defeated By Drug Combinations
Stanford Chemicals
Stanford Chemicals Artemisinin Resistance Can Be Defeated By Drug Combinations The artemisinin group of antimalarial drugs has proven its effectiveness and efficiency in the treatment of this devastating disease spread over incredibly large territories all over the world. Artemisinins have shown numerous beneficial effects on human health. For example, the ...
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Cell Capture & Separation - IRES (Bicistronic) CherryPicker™ Systems Clontech Laboratories -MONITOR: cells expressing YOUR PROTEIN also express a modified RFP, CherryPicker -CAPTURE: create a homogeneous cell population using the CherryPicker ...
EMD Millipore Overview EMD Millipore Bioscience EMD Millipore is a leading supplier in the life sciences industry with over 60,000 products, tools and technologies on the market. We provide ...

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