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BIOCIUS focuses on speeding up drug screening
Jeff Kelly, Online Industry Editor

For BIOCIUS, speed is everything. Well, just about everything.

The Wakefield, Mass.-based firm specializes in drug screening and discovery technology and services. Its RapidFire platform can determine the chemical make-up of a given compound in a matter of seconds, according to Jennifer Rossi, director of marketing and corporate communications at BIOCIUS. That’s significantly faster than using high-pressure liquid chromatography, a more common approach to drug screening, which can take up to 10 minutes, Rossi said ... Read More


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Patient Centric Drug Delivery
Aptalis Pharmaceutical Technologies
Aptalis Pharmaceutical Technologies offers a broad portfolio of oral drug delivery technology platforms, including Taste-Masking, Bioavailability Enhancement, and Customized Drug Release. Together, these flexible technology platforms combined with the company’s licensing, manufacturing, and R & D capabilities enable Aptalis Pharmaceutical Technologies and its partners to produce customized drug ...
Powder characterisation for inhaled drug delivery
Freeman Technology Ltd.
Powder characterisation for inhaled drug delivery By Tim Freeman, Director of Operations, Freeman Technology Manipulating and controlling powder behaviour is a demanding but essential element of pharmaceutical manufacturing. The development and production of dry powder inhalers (DPIs) exemplifies and highlights the difficulties faced, arguably presenting the industry with its toughest powder ...
Cubic Phase Particles in Drug Delivery
Particle Sciences
Delivery of active pharmaceuti- cal ingredients (APIs) has taken center stage over the last decade. Focused initially on problematic new chemical entities (NCEs), delivery systems are now the go- to approach for both NCE com- mercialization and the refine- ment and repurposing of existing APIs. The needs generally fall into one or a combination of a number of the categories listed in Table 1. Of ...
Maximizing Drug Delivery Technologies in Today's Pharmaceutical Environment
Aptalis Pharmaceutical Technologies
The science & business of drug development in specialty pharma, biotechnology, and drug delivery William E. Lucie Guy-Charles Weiser, PhD Mondoulet, Fanneau de la Outsourcing PhD Horie, MBA Formulation Viaskin®: Beyond Development: Epicutaneous Monoclonals for A Continuum on Immunotherapy Severe the Road to Drug for Treating Food Autoimmune Development Allergies Diseases INTERVIEW WITH APTALIS ...
Drug delivery expands its role in the pharma industry
Aptalis Pharmaceutical Technologies
The need for drug delivery solutions For pharmaceutical companies, the use of drug delivery technologies brings several obvious benefits. For example, there are opportunities to: • extend patents, protecting key brands from generic competition; • optimise returns on R&D investment by reformulating existing products and creating effective formulations for promising, but difficult to deliver, ...
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Biorise Bioavailability Enhancement Technology Aptalis Pharmaceutical Technologies Improved oral bioavailability of poorly soluble compounds resulting in equivalent therapy at lower doses.

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