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BIOCIUS focuses on speeding up drug screening
Jeff Kelly, Online Industry Editor

For BIOCIUS, speed is everything. Well, just about everything.

The Wakefield, Mass.-based firm specializes in drug screening and discovery technology and services. Its RapidFire platform can determine the chemical make-up of a given compound in a matter of seconds, according to Jennifer Rossi, director of marketing and corporate communications at BIOCIUS. That’s significantly faster than using high-pressure liquid chromatography, a more common approach to drug screening, which can take up to 10 minutes, Rossi said ... Read More


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Drug Discovery & Development : Particle Analysis
Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc.
An imaging particle analyzer can give res picture of particles in parenteral formula C ounting visible particles in small samples of parenteral formulations has traditionally been performed primarily with visual inspection by holding a vial up to a light and subjectively grading the count as high, moderate, or low. A secondary method uses a light obscuration instrument, which provides a total ...
Leveraging Research Informatics to Accelerate Drug Discovery
Infosys Technologies Limited
In recent years the pharmaceutical industry has declined in performance, with replenishment of the product pipeline becoming the main criterion for drug discovery research transformation. With US$ 60bn worth of products going off patent by 2011, life science companies must identify novel and innovative methods to compensate for falling research productivity. Discover what challenges the ...
Providing critical information for drug discovery success
Enzymlogic accelerates the research productivity and effectiveness of its customer screening and lead optimization campaigns by its expertise and unique methodology for the discovery of new drugs.
Streamlining Drug Discovery Research by Leveraging Grid Workflow Manager
Infosys Technologies Limited
Presently, pharmaceutical companies are adopting targeted and rational drug discovery route. Traditional novel drug discovery programs were essentially based on the screening of a library of chemical compounds developed by a combinatorial chemistry approach. For this, a target protein molecule was essential for designing a drug. Only a small number of specific drug targets were available earlier. ...
Recent Technology Advances Transforming Pharmaceutical Drug Discovery and Development
Agilent Technologies
The last decade has seen rapid technological progress but with increasing demands for safe and efficacious drugs, technological solutions that reduce the barriers to clinical success will be of more interest than those that simply shift the bottlenecks and necessitate new compromises in the discovery and development process. Find out which technologies are at the forefront of clinical success.
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Matchmaker™ Gold Yeast Two-Hybrid System: The Principle Clontech Laboratories -Yeast two-hybrid systems exploit the modular nature of eukaryotic transcription factors (e.g. GAL4) which consist of two separable domains, a ...
Customized Drug Release Technology Platform Adare Pharmaceuticals A range of technologies providing a wide variety of customizable release profiles to enhance drug performance

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