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Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc.
FlowCAM® A Digital Imaging Analyzer for Quantification and Characterization of Visible and Sub-Visible Pharmaceutical Particles The FlowCAM® Series of imaging particle analyzers combine industry-leading image quality with automated statistical pattern recognition software to produce the most powerful sub-visible (and visible) particle analyzer available for the pharmaceutical industry.
ECM Checklist:  Tips for Managing Change Effectively
Optical Image Technology, Inc
While researching ECM, you’ve probably read some discouraging statistics about IT project failures, ranging anywhere from 30% to 50%. Gartner analyst Mark Gilbert recently noted that over 30% of ECM projects do not realize full success, according to discussions held with clients during 2008. Building the right team, identifying and articulating project goals, and making appropriate software ...
Protein Characterization
Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc.
August 2011 The Science & Business of Biopharmaceuticals 1-29143538 v2.indd 1 10/11/11 7:17 AM 1-29143538 v2.indd 10/11/11 7:17 AM Protein Characterization Imaging Analysis Imaging particle analysis can overcome the limitations of volumetric techniques and also can detect transparent particles, such as protein aggregates, reliably. T he characterization of particulates in biolog- ics is a ...
Drug Discovery & Development : Particle Analysis
Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc.
An imaging particle analyzer can give res picture of particles in parenteral formula C ounting visible particles in small samples of parenteral formulations has traditionally been performed primarily with visual inspection by holding a vial up to a light and subjectively grading the count as high, moderate, or low. A secondary method uses a light obscuration instrument, which provides a total ...
How to Overcome the Top Ten Challenges in Project Management
Optical Image Technology, Inc
Nothing worthwhile comes easily. It’s especially true in business, whether you’re targeting a new market segment, relocating, or releasing a product. Such changes require careful research, surveying those who will be affected, then creating and following a detailed plan. Since your documents and their content are among the most important tools you have to run your business, why would you embark ...
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Momentum Physician and Staff Scheduler - Product Overview Bio-Optronics Inc. A Brief overview of Momentum Physician and Staff Scheduler, the most advanced rule-based application available for healthcare organizations.
The new Blister Express Center 500: Uhlmann blister line / Blisterlinie Uhlmann Integrated, flexible, efficient and easy to use: the new, double-lane Blister Express Center 500 guarantees top pharmaceutically compliant blister ...

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