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64-Bit Architecture Speeds RSA By 4x
MIPS Technologies, Inc
Public-key cryptography, and RSA in particular, is increasingly important to e-commerce transactions. Many digital consumer appliances (e.g. set-top boxes and smart cards) are now expected to send and receive RSA-encoded messages. Decoding these messages is processing intensive and the ability to do it efficiently offers enormous value. This paper describes how MIPS Technologies achieved a 4x ...
Introduction to Encryption
The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary lists the 5th meaning of the word cipher as, “A secret manner of writing by any of various methods, intelligible only to those possessing the key (1528).” Encryption, the use of ciphers, is not new. Far from it. It has been with us for a very long time. I used to say that encryption was traditionally for the four P's. Princes, Popes, Purveyors and Paramours, ...
(NIST) Electronic Authentication Guideline
Passfaces Corporation
This recommendation provides technical guidance to Federal agencies implementing electronic authentication. The recommendation covers remote authentication of users over open networks. It defines technical requirements for each of four levels of assurance in the areas of identity proofing, registration, tokens, authentication protocols and related assertions. KEY WORDS: Authentication, ...
Build Your Own Device
This is the second part in a series designed to help organizations develop their “BYOD” (bring-your-own-device) strategies for personally-owned smartphones and tablets in the enterprise. Chapter 1 of the series, “Building Bring Your Own Device Strategies,” introduced core components of a BYOD program. This chapter compares two technical approaches to BYOD: the walled garden vs. the enterprise ...
Beyond FTP - Securing and Managing File Transfers
Linoma Software | GoAnywhere MFT
Every day, millions of files are exchanged all over the world by corporations, government entities and other organizations. These electronic transfers include the critical data needed to conduct business, such as customer and order information, EDI documents, financial data, payment information, as well as employee and health-related information. Most file transfers use a popular protocol known ...

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IBM, Beware! Wipro Wipro may be the third largest Indian IT company the world over, but it is eyeing the No. 1 spot back at home and has got a brand new strategy to outdo ...

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