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High Containment Milling of Potent Compounds
Kek-Gardner Ltd
High Containment Milling of Potent Compounds in the Pharmaceutical Industry by George Tunnicliffe, Managing Director, Kek-Gardner Ltd Martin Thomson, Sales Director, Kek-Gardner Ltd With the trend towards pharmaceutical products of higher toxicity requiring greater standards of containment, the protection of mill systems against the consequences of a powder explosion are of ever greater ...
Fluid Bed Systems - Bohle Uni Cone BUC
L.B. Bohle Maschinen + Verfahren GmbH
Using a tangential fluid bed system represents state of the art technology in pharmaceutical manufacturing for particle coating, granulation and drying. With the innovative Bohle Uni Cone BUC® a complete fluidization is assured which leads to high coating uniformities and high yields in the final product due to the absence of particle twinning.
Choosing the right mixer
Kek-Gardner Ltd
A guideline for those involved in the selection, specification, and purchase of mixers Mixing is possibly the oldest and most widely used of all technical processes. It is carried out in virtually every in handling or processing powders with other ingredients and there are very few products used in everyday life that have a mixing process as part of their manufacture. Mixing can therefore be ...
Should you consider a mobile mill system
Kek-Gardner Ltd
Martin Thomson, Sales Director at Kek-Gardner Ltd discusses the practical benefi of a mobile milling system What are the advantages of a mobile system? Regardless of which industry you may be in, with resources stretched and a potential downturn in customer dema anything that will improve the flexibility of a production facility is welcome. Many traditional mill systems are dedica a single ...
Fiber Connectorization - Field vs. Factory Term
Factory Termination vs. Field Termination With today's unforgiving marketplace dictating fiscal frugality, fiber connectorization methods are under intense scrutiny. Network operators have long faced the decision of terminating fiber panels in the field or purchasing pre-connectorized fiber panels from the manufacturer. A simple cost analysis reveals pre-connectorization at the factory ...
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