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High Containment Milling of Potent Compounds
Kek-Gardner Ltd
High Containment Milling of Potent Compounds in the Pharmaceutical Industry by George Tunnicliffe, Managing Director, Kek-Gardner Ltd Martin Thomson, Sales Director, Kek-Gardner Ltd With the trend towards pharmaceutical products of higher toxicity requiring greater standards of containment, the protection of mill systems against the consequences of a powder explosion are of ever greater ...
Choosing the right mixer
Kek-Gardner Ltd
A guideline for those involved in the selection, specification, and purchase of mixers Mixing is possibly the oldest and most widely used of all technical processes. It is carried out in virtually every in handling or processing powders with other ingredients and there are very few products used in everyday life that have a mixing process as part of their manufacture. Mixing can therefore be ...
Should you consider a mobile mill system
Kek-Gardner Ltd
Martin Thomson, Sales Director at Kek-Gardner Ltd discusses the practical benefi of a mobile milling system What are the advantages of a mobile system? Regardless of which industry you may be in, with resources stretched and a potential downturn in customer dema anything that will improve the flexibility of a production facility is welcome. Many traditional mill systems are dedica a single ...
Vertical Integration & Turn Key Contract Manufacturing
Pharma Tech Industries
Vertical integration & turnkey contract manufacturing I N TODAY'S EVER-CHANGING PHARMACEUTICAL contract manu- facturing market, drug marketers are becoming increasing- ly keen on aligning themselves with a contract manufactur- ing organization (CMO) that offers a complete end-to-end solu- tion for their supply chain. Known more commonly as a “turnkey” relationship, these types of relationships ...
Walker Barrier Systems Document
Walker Barrier Systems
Top 10 Reasons to use Rigid Wall Isolators These days several Pharmaceutical companies are moving to single use, flexible film isolators for containment of potent compounds during Pharmaceutical processing. Flexible film isolators have also been used for aseptic processes, like sterility testing. These isolators are a low cost, simple design generally consisting of a stainless steel lower ...
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