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Basic Principles of Choosing Pumps.
Honghai Pump Co., Ltd
It’s suggested by Honghai Pumps Ltd that five basic factors should be in consideration on selecting the right pumps based on working process and drainage requirements. To be specific, they are the amount of liquid delivery, device head, fluid properties, piping layout and operation of operating conditions. 1. The flow is one of the important performance data in selecting a pump, which is ...
Gear pumps - Gear Pump Selection Tips.
Honghai Pump Co., Ltd
Honghai Pump Ltd suggests the following selection principle, based on the specific mode of operation as below: First, understand the principles of pump selection 1. Selecting pump type and performance in order to meet the requirements means those like flow, head, pressure, temperature, flow cavitation, suction and other process parameters. 2. Must meet the requirements of the liquids ...
Case Study: Harsh Processes Require Hard Pumps
Almatec, a Pump Solutions Group company
Almatec pumping technology helps CRS keep slurry reprocessing costs low. The manufacturing of solar wafers is an extremely precise process that puts pumping equipment through demanding, often rigorous production applications. Several of these processes involve highly abrasive slurries, which is a mixture of glycol and powdered silicon carbide. Slurries are used as the cutting agent when silicon ...
Detailed Instructions of Choosing Pumps Part 1
Honghai Pump Co., Ltd
Detailed Instructions of Choosing Pumps Part 1 According to the basic principles presented before and the basic conditions, the detailed instructions are as below: 1. According to the layout, terrain conditions, water conditions, operating conditions of the device, make sure to choose horizontal, vertical, or other types pump (pipeline, diving, liquid-type, non-clogging, self-priming, gear, ...
Detailed Instructions of Choosing Pumps Part II
Honghai Pump Co., Ltd
Detailed Instructions of Choosing Pumps Part II Continue with Detailed Instructions of Choosing Pumps Part I. 5. After choosing the pump model, for water pump and the approximate physical and chemical medium pump, it’s required to adjust the performance table or performance curves according to the product catalog or samples, in order to check if the normal operating point falls within the pump ...
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LAMBDA peristaltic pumps - tubing insertion LAMBDA Laboratory Instruments Insertion of silicone tubing into the LAMBDA peristaltic pump. LAMBDA has developed peristaltic pumps (PRECIFLOW series), which combine exceptional ...
Woody Stringer with Pump Union Standard Equipment Union Confectionery Machinery/ Union Standard Equipment Company Bronx, NY Contact: John Greenberg Phone: (718) 585-0200 x144 Email: ...

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