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Advantages of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing in Puerto Rico
Patheon Inc
In an era characterized by the need to continuously evaluate and bolster R&D pipelines, the increasing complexity and overall cost to develop and approve drug products, the trend toward genericization, and mounting pressures to both decrease prices and maximize profitability, the pharmaceutical industry has sought competitive advantage in lower cost manufacturing jurisdictions. Find out why ...
ATS Labs
Disinfection qualifications are critical in assuring the microbial control of a manufacturing environment by qualifying the appropriate use and effectiveness of disinfection products and procedures. Obtaining the highest confidence that aseptic, cleanroom, and other critical manufacturing environments are properly cleaned, sanitized and disinfected is paramount in assuring the production of safe ...
Vertical Integration & Turn Key Contract Manufacturing
Pharma Tech Industries
Vertical integration & turnkey contract manufacturing I N TODAY'S EVER-CHANGING PHARMACEUTICAL contract manu- facturing market, drug marketers are becoming increasing- ly keen on aligning themselves with a contract manufactur- ing organization (CMO) that offers a complete end-to-end solu- tion for their supply chain. Known more commonly as a “turnkey” relationship, these types of relationships ...
Trends in the Manufacturing of Viral Gene Therapeutics and Next Generation Vaccines
Much of the technology used for the current manufacturing of viral vaccines has its roots in discoveries from the gene therapy industry. Gene therapy, or more correctly, gene transfer, is a catch-all phrase for those products which use a viral vector, plasmid, or cell as a delivery vehicle for a gene product. Early applications in this field really developed in the 1980s and 1990s, often using ...
The Challenge of Manufacturing Fermentation Derived Lipopolysaccharides (LPSs)
While many companies are extremely capable of manufacturing biological products such as enzymes and monoclonal antibodies, not all biologics are straightforward to make. Some require difficult fermentations, some pose problems with yield or variability, and others are challenging simply because of the nature of the product itself. Lipopolysaccharides, or LPSs, fall squarely into the last of ...
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Tutela Wireless Temperature Monitoring Tutela Monitoring Systems LLC Tutela wireless temperature monitoring systems are fully FDA compliant, deliver unparalleled accuracy, and rock-solid audit trails for complete regulatory ...
NAV-X First Look Overview Demo NAV-X NAV-X for Distribution 15 minute overview. NAV-X for Distribution is certified by Microsoft and powered by Dynamics NAV. NAV-X is a complete integrated ...

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