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Why Price Shouldn’t Be the Final Factor When Investing in Manufacturing ERP Software: The Hidden Expenses Often Found in Low Cos
In today's world of business, the word free doesn't really mean free. It's a tempting word – free – but it raises hairs on the backs of people's necks. Nothing is ever free. You know the company with the low cost offer has to make money to stay in business … so where are they making it? You find yourself looking for the hidden costs, the catch that will make you pay in the end. Sometimes the ...
An Examination of the GAMP-5 Guidelines as They Relate to GxP Regulated Computerized Systems
BatchMaster Software, Inc.
The purpose of this white paper is to document and summarize the current status of the regulatory requirements set forth by different agencies like FDA (in US), ICH (in Europe), and that of Japan and China. In the first section of the paper we will provide the background information on the role of FDA, the regulatory agency in the USA, and the current state of cGMP “risk based approach” enforced ...
TEC Product Overview
Deacom, Inc.
Deacom Corporation is an integrated accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) system developer and vendor based in Wayne, Pennsylvania (US). Since Deacom ERP System was first released in 1995 it has been targeting clients in the manufacturing business. Deacom now has two major vertical market segments: batch process manufacturing (including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, paints, and food and ...
Trends in the Manufacturing of Viral Gene Therapeutics and Next Generation Vaccines
Much of the technology used for the current manufacturing of viral vaccines has its roots in discoveries from the gene therapy industry. Gene therapy, or more correctly, gene transfer, is a catch-all phrase for those products which use a viral vector, plasmid, or cell as a delivery vehicle for a gene product. Early applications in this field really developed in the 1980s and 1990s, often using ...
Manufacturing ROI
Choose the Right Accounting & CRM Software
Sage Software, a leading provider of business information management solutions, has known for several years that implementation of our Sage MAS 90, Sage MAS 200, or Sage MAS 500 ERP software systems results in significant enhancements in productivity, efficiency and streamlined business processes. The net benefits of the deployment and use of these products in manufacturing businesses has been ...
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OneKey Minute Episode 4: How to Match and Append Your Healthcare Database SK&A, A Cegedim Company Most healthcare-list buyers would probably agree that their healthcare-data lists either make or break their campaigns or projects. With an average of 17 ...
SAFC Contract Manufacturing Services SAFC Cynthia Wooge, Ph. D , Manager, Process Development SAFC, discusses SAFC Contract Manufacturing Services.

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