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PharmaNet Case Study
SCORR Marketing
“We needed to position ourselves as a leading provider of global drug development services. SCORR created an identity that boldly communicates the expertise and commitment to quality that make PharmaNet/i3 a trusted partner. Their experience and foothold in the drug development industry allow for seamless collaboration between our teams and have set the foundation for a relationship that’s been ...
Firecrest Case Study
SCORR Marketing
“At Firecrest, we needed to find a way to effectively promote our e-clinical technology. SCORR helped us reach this goal by creating a specialized campaign, which we unveiled at the DIA Annual Meeting. This campaign gained major attention at the event and accurately reflected the key benefits that Firecrest can provide. We stand behind our ability to enhance clinical trials, and believe our ...
Camargo Pharmaceuticals Case Study
SCORR Marketing
“We had a solid business plan and model, yet we needed a marketing strategy that captured and communicated our differentiating benefi ts. Our new brand identity developed a clear and memorable campaign — one that has allowed us to experience signifi cant growth and define ourselves within the marketplace. The ‘old dog, new tricks’ theme has garnered a great deal of attention and provides us with ...
DaVita Clinical Research Case Study
SCORR Marketing
“DaVita Clinical Research (DCR) is fortunate to have the staff and facilities that allow us to lead the way for kidney disease research. Our most valuable asset is our extensive network of patients. SCORR made this primary focus when building a campaign for us. They were able to express the importance of our patients and the reason why much of our pride rests on them. Additional components, such ...
Are We Paying Attention to the Right Conversation?
Topin & Associates
Conversation, beyond a doubt, is the marketing buzzword of the last couple of years. Listen to the conversation. Be part of the conversation. Make sure your brand isn’t left out of the conversation. Patients on Facebook. Caregivers on YouTube. Healthcare practitioners on Sermo. Pharma on Pinterest. Everyone posting, commenting, sharing, and taking part in the conversation about diseases, brands, ...
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