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Mastering the Extended Clinical Supply Chain:
The core of any good clinical supply chain system is a supply management system that addresses all of the nuances of clinical supplies. Although Clinical Supply Management is often considered a back-office business unit for a sponsor, it is almost always on the critical path of the drug development process. The efficient, accurate and timely delivery of material to the investigators is critical ...
supply Chain Strategypdf
United Parcel Service of America, Inc
Chances are you've heard the term supply chain strategy. Used informally, it is often confused with supply chain management, where supply chain operations are controlled to reduce costs. There's some truth to this definition, but supply chain strategy really is broader; it defines how the supply chain should operate in order to compete. Supply chain strategy is an iterative process that evaluates ...
Transformation Process Supply Chain
Logistics Planning Associates, LLC
As a result of trends such as globalization of supply, increasing competitive pressures, and dwindling product life cycles, supply chains are being driven to transform and evolve.Some characteristics of world class supply chain organizations include:· Develop relationships that benefit its customers· Products and services that exceed customer requirements· High priority to quality and safety· ...
Understanding Supply Chain Fraud
Katzscan Inc.
Few terms resonate so deeply with business these days as do “supply chain” and “fraud”. Individually, these two terms are a reflection of the evolving business world around us: the supply chain is truly global in nature, and it seems that fraud is being committed in both the public and private sector at alarming rates and dollar amounts, with more clever and audacious schemes being hatched on a ...
Integrating Clinical Supply Systems and Outsourced Service Providers
Pharmaceutical and biotech companies of all sizes are increasingly turning to third parties to execute some or all of their clinical supply activities. There is a need for these companies to control and track these activities in their information systems. This article addresses the various methods in which the activities of third-party supply contractors and IVRS (Interactive Voice Response ...
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