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Kearneysville, West Virginia 25430
United States
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Randox Life Sciences

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What are Polyclonal Antibodies?
Randox Life Sciences
A single immunoglobulin molecule is shown above, with the five main regions FAB, FC, Heavy chain, Light Chain and Complimentary Determining Regions (CDR). The FC region is mainly involved in compliment attachment via later stages of the immune response, which results in clearance of the antigen that the antibody has bound to. The FAB is mainly involved in scaffolding and orientating the CDR to ...
A Guide to the Different Techniques in Which Antibodies are Used
Randox Life Sciences
A guide to the different techniques in which antibodies are used Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay or ELISA is one of the most common tests conducted in immunobiochemistry. The principle involves immobilising antibodies onto a microtitre plate. These antibodies are labelled with an enzyme; the fixed enzyme reacts with the substrate to yield a coloured product allowing the qualification and ...

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OEM Diagnostics & Contract Manufacturing - Randox - Bulk Reagents & Customized Quality Controls Randox Life Sciences Randox is the most flexible OEM company in the world and has been supplying many of the world's top diagnostic companies for years. We are the diagnostic ...
Randox Laboratories -- clinical diagnostics equipment for medical healthcare Randox Life Sciences Randox is an international clinical diagnostic solutions company with sales and distribution agreements in 130 countries. Established in 1982, Randox have ...
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