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Myriad RBM, Inc.

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An Overview of Assay Quality Systems at Rules-Based Medicine
Myriad RBM, Inc.
Stringent guidelines of quality assurance and control (QA/QC) serve as the foundation for dependable and reproducible results in any analytical endeavor. Read step-by-step how the RBM platform combines the sensitivity and dynamic range of microsphere based immuno-multiplexing with the precision and dependability of automated liquid handling.
TruCulture Whole Blood Collection and Culture System
Myriad RBM, Inc.
Accurate measurement of immune activity in relation to therapeutic dosing is an important part of many clinical trials, yet is poorly addressed by traditional techniques. Typical immune activity monitoring is performed using isolated leukocytes or even sorted sub- population culturing methods followed by an analytical measurement. These methods require the shipment of intact blood samples to a ...
Rat KidneyMAP
Myriad RBM, Inc.
A 12-Biomarker Multi-Analyte Profile (MAP) for Detecting Kidney Toxicity in Rat Preclinical Drug Studies. Sherry Sours-Brothers, Ph.D. and Dominic Eisinger, Ph.D. Introduction Rat KidneyMAP® and Biomarker Qualification by the Predictive Safety Testing Consortium Drug induced toxicity is responsible for killing 30% of promising compounds from early preclinical studies and can negatively impact ...
Minimizing Rheumatoid Factor Interference in Myriad RBM's Biomarker Assays
Myriad RBM, Inc.
MINIMIZING Rheumatoid Factor Interference in Myriad RBM's Biomarker Assays Introduction The reduction or elimination of non-specific sources of interfering signals is a critical component of any clinical study relying on the measurement of biomarkers using immunoassays. Interference often arises from heterophile antibodies – antibodies which are relatively non-specific and exhibit broad ...
Neuroscience Application Notes - Using Multiplexed Immunoassays in Neuroscience Research
Myriad RBM, Inc.
Learn how Myriad RBM's quantitative immunoassays are being used to advance understanding of neurological disorders. Neurological disorders affect millions of people annually at a tremendous social and economic cost. As many neurological disorders are chronic conditions resulting in long-term disability or suffering, early and accurate diagnosis is of the utmost importance. The development of ...

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Multiplex Biomarkers on the Rise
Novel Biomarkers of Cisplatin-induced Kidney Damage
EDI-Co gut, a human co-culture from intestinal epithelia and whole-blood used as test model to characterize the effects of micro
The Clinical Phenotype of Myelofibrosis Encompasses a Chronic Inflammatory State that is Favorably Altered by INCB018424
Development of a new 3D-Human Airway Epithelium/ Whole-blood Co-culture Model Combined with Multi-AnalyteProfile (MAP) Analyses
EDI-Co Skin 3D-Co-culture model combined with RBM MAP analyses
Development and Validation of a Multi-Analyte Profile (MAP) of Putative Biomarkers of Human Kidney Damage
VeriPsych Brochure
Development of a mulitplex immunoassay biomarker panel for Spinal Muscular Atrophy
Novel Biomarkers of Cisplatin-induced Kidney Damage
Development and Validation of a Multi-Analyte Profile Test for Broad Applications in Oncology
Myriad RBM, Inc. Document
Myriad RBM, Inc. Pharmaceuticals

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