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GC-2010 Plus Gas Chromatograph

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Quantitative Analysis of IGF-1 Using Online Digestion Coupled to the Triple Quad LCMS-8050
IGF-1 is a protein used in the screening of growth hormone deficiencies, as well as testing for abuse in professional sports. Detection using an LC-MS approach is emerging as a preferred test to the standard immunoassay due to the improved reproducibility that LC-MS offers as well as the ability to multiplex and identify biologically relevant changes such as post translational modifications.
Determination of Heroin Hapten Densities in Protein Conjugates: Comparison of MALDI-TOF MS, TNBS and Indirect Ellman Assay
Presenting a comparison of MALDI-TOF high molecular weight measurement accuracy in predicting drug conjugates densities versus two established colorimetric techniques: trinitrobenezenesulfonic acid (TNBS) and Indirect Ellman assay. The study makes a strong case for MALDI-TOF as a tool of choice for protein-drug conjugates analysis.
HPLC Analysis of Impurities in New-generation Antidepressants
Presented in this note is an example of analysis of compounds related to new-generation antidepressants, as well as system suitability testing, using the Prominence-i integrated HPLC, which features a delay volume-compatible system kit option.
Rapid and Reproducible Analysis of Peptides using the Triple Quad LCMS-8050
Recent innovations with Skyline have resulted in a version of Skyline that can upload and analyze *.lcd files directly. We applied this analysis to demonstrate the integration of Shimadzu products into the Skyline environment. Using this workflow, we identified CVs of less than 2 % for several experimental approaches.
Investigation of Synthetic Compounds in Drug Discovery by Integrated HPLC and LC/MS
This paper introduces an analysis of eight pharmaceutical substances in a workflow that is typically used for pharmaceutical synthesis confirmation analysis. It describes an example in which measurement was conducted for a range of compounds with properties spanning acidic to basic, and high to low polarity.

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Determination of Drugs in Serum using Heart-cutting Two-dimensional Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography

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