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Fisher BioServices  The leader in critical biological material management with expertise in biobanking & biorepository, cell therapy solutions, clinical trial sample management, Bio-API management, and cold-chain logistics.
Lab Processing Our lab was specifically designed to support the needs of researchers for the highest quality specimens. Besides timely processing, we reduce freeze thaw...
Lumiprobe  Lumiprobe is a manufacturer of Cy dye NHS esters, azides and alkynes for Click Chemistry, SYBR Green I and other fluorescent dyes.
Amino-11-ddUTP Amino-11-ddUTP is a triphosphate for the modification of DNA.
United States Biological  USBiological is a long-established biotech manufacturer located near Boston, offering a wide range of biologicals, biochemicals and the largest selection of antibodies you will find anywhere. USBio offers over 650,000...
DNA Methyltransferase 3B (Dnmt 3B) Methylation of DNA at cytosine residues plays an important role in regulation of gene expression, genomic imprinting and is essential for mammalian...
DNA Methyltransferase 3B (Dnmt 3B) Methylation of DNA at cytosine residues plays an important role in regulation of gene expression, genomic imprinting and is essential for mammalian...
Clontech Laboratories  Clontech Laboratories provides kits, reagents, and services to help you explore questions about gene discovery, regulation, and function.
Magnetic Bead-Based Isolation of Genomic DNA from Tissue—NucleoMag 96 Tissue NucleoMag 96 Tissue is designed for the manual or automated small-scale preparation of genomic DNA from human and animal tissue, cultured cells, or...
Ultrafiltration & Magnetic PCR Clean-Up 96-Well Plates The NucleoFast 96 PCR Clean-Up Kit and NucleoFast 96 PCR Plates use ultrafiltration for high recovery of nucleic acids in less than 20 minutes. The nucleic...
Capralogics Inc.  Custom polyclonal antibody services, including host cell protein, single chain llama, goat antibodies, rabbit polyclonals, sheep antibodies, llama antibodies, camelid antibodies, bulk antibodies, chicken antibodies
APE1 / APEX1 APE1 / APEX1 ; DDB1; damage-specific DNA binding protein 1, 127kDa; DDBA; XAP1; XPCE; XPE-BF; UV-DDB1; DDB p127 subunit; damage-specific DNA binding protein...
APOBEC2 (aa12 - 26) APOBEC2; apolipoprotein B mRNA editing enzyme, catalytic polypeptide-like 2; ARCD1; ARP1; OTTHUMP00000039773; apolipoprotein B mRNA editing enzyme,...
Fujirebio Europe (formerly Innogenetics)  Fujirebio is a leading international healthcare company with a strong focus on high quality in vitro diagnostics testing solutions.
INNO-LiPA ApoE INNO-LiPA ApoE is a DNA line probe assay for the identification of apolipoprotein E genotypes e2, e3, and e4 in blood samples.
DNA Technologies   DNA Technologies, Inc. (DTI) is providing quality products and services to our fellow researchers from pharmaceutical, biotechnology and biomedical research institutions. DTI’s Aim is to support life sciences and...
High Throughput DNA Sequencing and Bioinformatics Services DNA sequencing accommodates project sizes ranging from single tube reactions, 96/384-well plates to whole genome sequencing. Samples can be submitted as...
DNA Diagnostics Center  For over a decade, DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) has been the largest provider of private DNA paternity and other DNA tests in the U.S. and worldwide. DDC currently provides comprehensive DNA testing services in three main...
DNA Sequencing Service   We are a long-established facility providing a range of DNA-based contract research activities to a diverse selection of scientists within the UK. Our customers are both academic and industry based, ranging from a single...
96 Well Plate Sequencing Please check out the "plasmids and PCR products" sequencing page for details of template and primer quantities for other types of templates (but bear in...
Bac and Pac Sequencing This product is aimed at customers with large templates that they need sequenced. We have to modify our standard sequencing conditions to achieve good...
Genetica DNA Laboratories - LabCorp Specialty Testing Group  Genetica provides reliable, fast, and high quality human DNA identification testing services including paternity and cell line authentication testing for research purposes.
Human Cell Line Authentication - STR DNA Test Genetica’s STR DNA profiling offers a fast, affordable, and effective way to authenticate your primary cell culture, immortalized cancer cell line, and/or...
Human Cell Line Identification DNA Testing Services Genetica DNA Laboratories provides fast and reliable STR DNA Human Cell Line Authentication services to assist researches in detection of cell line...
Nature Technology Corporation  NTC provides products and services for the development of optimized plasmid-based gene drugs and DNA vaccines.
Dongshengbio Co.,Ltd  Focus on Molecular Biology : DNA ladder, PCR product, Purification Kits, Silica SPin Column supplier.
10bp Ladder 10bp DNA Ladder is ideal for determining the size of double-stranded DNA from 80 to 300 pairs. The ladder consists of 23 linear double-stranded fragments...
50bp ladder 50bp DNA ladder is ideal for determining the size of double-stranded DNA from 50 to 500 base pairs. The ladder consists of 8 linear double-stranded...
Enzymax LLC  Specialty proteins: AID, RNAP, Polymerase, Heat shock proteins Sumo proteinase, ULP1 Mini Spin Column for DNA and RNA Tini Spin column for DNA and RNA IP and CoIP columns G25 columns Spin filters
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DNA - Product Reviews

Bright future for some carriers of genetic diseases: replacing damaged mitochondrial DNA

Some inherited diseases are passed down to children via mutations in mitochondrial DNA. Replacing this damaged mitochondrial DNA with healthy nucleic acid would enable couples to have a normal child with nuclear DNA from both parents, an improvement over egg and sperm donor techniques. Some geneticists estimate that at least 1 in every 200 births has a mitochondrial DNA mutation that could result in an abnormality of some kind so this new technology would serve a large international market.

Since the mitochondrial DNA comes only from the mother, the focus is on the egg. Shoukhrat Mitalipov and his team at the Oregon National Primate Research Center in Beaverton were able to remove the nuclear DNA chromosomes from an unfertilized rhesus monkey egg and replace it with nuclear DNA chromosomes from another monkey. In vitro fertilization produced live offspring whose cells had mitochondrial DNA from one mother and nuclear DNA from another.

David Thorburn, a geneticist specializing in mitochondrial disease at the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute in Melbourne, Australia called this development "highly innovative and very promising", and because it involved primates, believes that "It should be able to mimic the human situation more closely than mice. If proven safe [in humans] this could provide a huge advance."

Best-in-Class DNA Products Providers:

  • Have regular meetings to present data and explain the interpretation, and to allow customer to ask questions and raise concerns
  • Compliance with NIH Guidelines for Research Involving Recombinant DNA Molecules
  • File timely status reports to verify that the project is on track and on budget

Top Considerations Before Selecting DNA Products Providers:

With so many players chasing the same goals, conflict of interest becomes a real concern. Make sure that the scientists at the provider you chose are very upfront concerning their other activities, associations and investments.

Key Producers:

1. AMS Biotechnology (Europe) Ltd (amsbio) markets 101 human secretory proteins and 3,000 Human full-length cDNA clones to small and medium-sized manufacturers. ambios’ cDNA libraries were produced from normal and diseased tissues and cell lines that are subjected to rigorous quality control testing. Other DNA products comprise DNA manipulation kits, genomic DNAs, cDNAs from tissues, and thousand of ORF cDNAs and full length cDNA clones. Its expanding catalogue contains 285,000 products. Future plans include adding DNA damage screening, Cell Assays, Tumour Xenograft, and primate and rodent services. amsbio, which was founded in 1987 and restructured in 1997, specializes in Genomics, Proteomics and Immunology . This ISO 9001:2008 registered company ships products to companies around the world from its offices in Switzerland, Germany and the UK.

2. Advanced Analytical Technologies, Inc. (AATI)'s DNA PROfiler is a DNA fragment analysis system which used LED fluorescent to identify organisms from unique genetic fingerprints. The company describes this product as combining "the prominent ADVANTAGES of both DNA sequencing (large number of genotypic datapoints and high throughput capability) and Ribotyping (ease of use and minimal hands on time), creating an identification system that is simple to use, quick to results and easy to operate." AATI, headquartered in Ames IA, recently opened an office in Germany. This privately held company was founded in 1998.

3. United States Biological offers almost any human, mouse, rat, monkey or plant tissue genomic DNA.  These genomic DNAs are ready-to-use for SNP analysis, Southern Blotting and PCR Genomic DNA library construction profiling study in gene expression. Its human genomic DNAs are isolated from over 100 different normal and diseased adult and fetal tissues. United States Biological’s biochemicals, polyclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, cell culture media and molecular biology kits are marketed around the world. Customer service sets them apart. President Warren Shore says that, “There is no voice mail at United States always get to speak with humans..." Headquarters are in Swampscott, Massachusetts.

4. Biomatik Corporation's Custom Gene Synthesis Service has extensive experience with lengthy and complex gene sequences and can clone into any vector of the customer's choice or into its standard vector. Other custom services include peptide synthesis, antibody production, gene synthesis and SNP genotyping. Biomatik’s product lines include molecular biology kits, biochemicals and enzymes, MW markers and labware. The company reports that "If your current service provider has turned your project down… our chemists will likely to get the job done for you." Biomatik, founded in 2002, is headquartered in Ontario Canada and is active in the US, UK, Canada and India.

Definition: Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), consisting of two long polymers made up of nucleotides arranged in a double helix, is the genetic instructions or code used to construct the other components of cells of all known living organisms as well as some viruses.


DNA Research Library

Protecting Your Protocol Operating a Flawless Clinical Agent Repository
Fisher BioServices
Managing the distribution of clinical agents for large, multi-site, multi- country clinical trials requires a spectrum of expertise and infrastructure, specifically designed to ensure accuracy in order processing and preservation of the integrity of the product from initial receipt into inventory through delivery to the clinical site. These processes are well established for small molecule and ...
The Numerex DNA
Numerex Corp.
DNA contains the blueprint for life; without DNA, life would not be possible. It occupies a central and critical role in the functioning and development of all living organisms. Likewise, behind an effective machine-to-machine (M2M) deployment, there is a core engine composed of, at the very least, a device, a network and an application, the purpose of which is to help M2M customers to better ...
Analysis of DNA with UV Microspectroscopy
CRAIC Technologies
A UV-visible-NIR microspectrophotometer, an instrument designed to measure sample areas on the micron scale, was used to measure DNA samples. This was done to demonstrate the ability of the microspectrophotometer to measure DNA within well defined regions within cells and other microscopic biological samples.
Isolation of DNA from Hair for forensics
Extraction of DNA from Hair using forensicGEM® Tissue Kimberly Fiorucci Mesa Police Department Forensic Services Section, 30 N. Robson, Mesa, AZ 85201, USA. Introduction Hairs found at crime scenes can be important trace evidence, and in some cases are the one and only link to a suspect.As a source of DNA, hair can prove vital in forensic human identification. Never- theless,most methods for the ...
DNA Vaccine Technology by Magda Marquet
Althea Technologies, Inc
Most vaccines are still produced in chicken eggs, using 50 year old technology. However, DNA vaccines are a new approach to vaccination. Rather than producing a virus or a protein to inject into an organism, we can produce DNA that will code for a protein once it is introduced into an organism. No studies have ever found that the DNA incorporates into the host organizisms chromosome, causing ...

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