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Accrual Solutions, Inc.  Through a variety of proprietary data, methods and research, Accrual Solutions helps study sponsors identify the study sites and investigators that are most likely to register an appropriate number of patients to a...
Aklima Clinical Research  Aklima Clinical Research is a part of OBS group of companies which is the largest group of Pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan, We aim at conducting Clinical Research at high scientific and ethical standards, Most...
Einstein Clinical  Einstein Integrated Site Network has put together a team of professionals that have a combined work experience of over 50 years.
ICTS (Integrated Clinical Trial Services, LLC).  ICTS is a strategic clinical trials support company and we specialize in the marketing and management of patient recruitment programs. However, ICTS goes beyond the “typical” recruitment model by developing effective...
Pre-Launch Transition Pre-Launch Transition
The Patient Recruiting Agency  The Patient Recruiting Agency™ (TPRA) specializes in the production and placement of customized direct-to-patient advertising and technological solutions to support Sponsors, CROs, SMOs and Investigators. TPRA’s unique...
Fortitude Clinical  Fortitude Clinical. Clinical Research Organisation (CRO), Site Management Organisation (SMO), and Generic Product Services in Asia Pacific. Headquartered in Singapore.
Onorach Clinical  Onorach Clinical manage Phase I to Phase IV clinical research studies for drug products, biologicals and medical devices. Onorach have a global reach and can work with clients of any size.
Clinical Research Training Center  CRA / CRC Certification Training Courses & Job Placement Assistance Program for health & life science professionals to work as Clinical Research Associates / Coordinators Formation en recherche clinique: Cours d'ARC/CRC+...
01 On-line CRA/CRC Certification program CRA + CRC On-line Certification Program: Clinical Trial Conduct & Monitoring Training courses
02 On-line CRC Certification program CRC On-line Certification Program: Clinical Trial Conduct Training courses
Novella Clinical  Novella Clinical is a full service clinical research organization dedicated to clients in the oncology, medical device and biopharmaceutical industries. For over a decade Novella has served as a trusted outsourcing...
Oncology Expertise Prologue Research provides a full range of clinical trial services – from protocol design to FDA submission – in order to speed your drug or device to...
Allphase Clinical Research  Allphase Clinical Research is a clinical stage full-service Contract Research Organization (CRO) specializing in Respiratory, Oncology, Cardiovascular and CNS. Over the last 12 years we have run over 150 trials for small...
Operational Support Our Clinical Operations Associates (COAs) fill a crucial supportive role to all members of the team. COAs work to streamline the process of managing a...
Project Management At Allphase Clinical Research, project managers are experienced professionals trained to deliver superior service to the clients. Their collaborative...
Worldwide Clinical Trials, Inc.  Worldwide Clinical Trials is a global CRO that provides full-service drug development services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. As one of the most innovative and scientifically-driven contract...
Services While Worldwide Clinical Trials supports you in your pre-registration through peri-approval studies, our sister division, Worldwide Clinical Trials Drug...
ProTrials Corporation  ProTrials provides clinical operations services across a wide range of clinical indications. Our top 5 areas of clinical expertise include: Cardiology, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Infectious Disease and Medical Device.
Site Management Choosing investigators and study centers can be a resource-intensive task. ProTrials’ clients can use our investigator database, or you can outsource the...
Inclinix Inc.  Inclinix delivers a customized, site-focused approach to patient recruitment ensuring every available study candidate is identified, qualified and presented with a study opportunity.
Enrollment Feasibility Inclinix clinical trial feasibility assesses the viability of the protocol from an enrollment perspective, given the targeted patient population. This...
Site Identification and Selection Successful patient recruitment begins with selecting the best investigator sites. Our Critical Population Research® (CPR) enables data-driven site selection...
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Clinical Trial Site Selection - Product Reviews

New patient recruitment avenues in clinical trial site selection process: online social networks

Brian Loew, the CEO of Inspire, one of many online social networking sites that bring groups of people together who suffer from the same disease or condition, reports that, “You can’t create a community just about clinical trials.” He says that social networking functions as “a mechanism for attachment.” His company collaborates with many non-profit health organizations and screens the list of members who have volunteered to be trial participants using each trial's inclusion and exclusion criteria.
“For one of the [lung cancer] studies, we already have a community with ten times the number of members who meet the initial inclusion criteria,” says Loew. An additional service provided is quality assurance in which data is collected from participants about their degree of satisfaction with the trial and compiled into a report.

PatientsLikeMe initiated the first “patient-driven, real-world natural experiment” in which large amounts of data was collected in a few months at very little cost. These online studies can provide “credible direction as to when a clinical trial should be conducted. As a result, patients will have a direct voice into what types of research deserve attention and significant investment" in the resulting clinical trials, according to president and co-founder Ben Heywood.

Best-in-Class Trial Site Selection Providers:

  • A proven track record of efficient randomized patient enrollment
  • The ability to get up and running quickly and to generate timely, high quality data and reports
  • Can handle the pharmacokinetics/ pharmacodynamic and other laboratory or radiological studies that support the trial

Top Considerations Before Selecting Trial Site Selection Providers:
Clinical trials represent about 30% of companies’ drug development budgets. Due in part to slow patient recruitment and poor retention of trial participants, 75% of trials fall behind schedule, increasing costs. Online social network recruitment may be able to rapidly deliver a larger and more dedicated population. Ask whether the providers you are considering have considered this method.

Key Providers:

1. Rules-Based Medicine, Inc. (RBM), is a trial site provider. RBM, founded in 1998, is the world's leading biomarker testing laboratory. By combining EDI’s cell culture systems with its HumanMAP® biomarker testing services, RBM is able to offer customers a preview of the physiological and biochemical impact of a new drug before the human trial stage begins. RBM has corporate headquarters and CLIA-certified biomarker testing laboratory in Austin, TX; multiplex assay development and manufacturing in Lake Placid, NY and a wholly owned subsidiary EDI GmbH in Reutlingen, Germany. Through EDI GmbH, RBM provides Human Organo-Typic (HOT) cell culture systems which serve as a platform for ex vivo drug safety and efficacy studies.

3. The Jackson Laboratory is a trial site provider whose services include testing numerous medicinal entities, including small molecules, antibodies, siRNAs and ES cell-derived therapies, as well as customizable compound evaluation, phenotyping and pathology services. This company is an NCI-designated Cancer Center that uses mouse genomics to discover ways to prevent cancer as well as to discover drugs to treat conditions including: cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’ and cardiovascular disease. In addition to conducting genetic research, this independent, nonprofit organization provides scientific resources, techniques, software, data and mice colonies for test animals to scientists in research institutions and laboratories around the world. Jackson Laboratory scientists are engaged in collaborative research with organizations around the world. 

4. ASKA Research offers a full range of clinical trial monitoring services from project conception to final approval, including Project Management which involves managing all aspects of the trial like site selection and ICF and CRF design. Customers include pharmaceutical, biotechnology and biologics companies, in addition to research organizations that receive federal funds. ASKA reports that "Through one point of contact, you have access to our Research Professionals Network (RPN) of established clinical research professionals, our collaborative partner organizations, and our CRO alliance partners in the United States, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region."

5. Global Research Services offers consulting services for clinical trials including Strategies for Accelerating Patient Recruitment which involve its proprietary tools. GRS has access to global patient populations through offices in Rockville, MD; Langenfeld, Germany; Warsaw, Poland; Montreal, Canada; Shanghai, China; Maharashtra India; Rosario, Argentina; and Sao Paulo, Brazil. GRS utilizes all electronic start-up processes, plans and tools including established start up plans, document templates and comprehensive checklists and has international regulatory experience. This private company has over 20 years of experience.

Trial Site Selection
Definition: The series of considerations that go into choosing which company will conduct a clinical trial.


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Strategies for Implementing Trials in Latin America Dr Jorge Fiuza of Pharm-Olam examines the increasingly important role played by Latin America in clinical research for international drug development Dr Jorge Fiuza is Director of Latin American Operations at Pharm-Olam International. He is a qualified Urologist and has over 15 years of experience managing clinical trials throughout the ...
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This article describes the benefits achieved during one contract research organization’s (CRO’s) implementation of an enterprise CTMS, focusing on real-time exchange of information among the CRO, sponsors, and sites. l e a r n i n g o B j e c t i v e At the conclusion of this course, participants should be able to identify informational needs for their organization and plan for selection and ...

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