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Columbia Analytical Services, Inc  A registered contract testing laboratory that provides cGMP-compliant testing to raw material suppliers, CMOs, and product developers/sponsors.
Q Laboratories, Inc.  Microbiology and Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Services.

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CM + PLM Simplified (And A Whole Lot More)
Professional Systems Associates, Inc.
CMPRO is the solution that automates and simplifies the process of managing engineering, product, inventory, and configuration data. Read how CMPRO can enable your organization to effectively produce, maintain and manage products and items that are core to your business.
Video Monitoring for Dissolution Testing
A New Tool for Fully Automated Dissolution Systems Integrated Video-Monitoring Automated dissolution testing systems have been used extensively in QC environments to increase productivity and reduce testing costs. For these same reasons, it has also become a matter of urgency in the Analytical R&D and formulation laboratories. SOTAX, the market leader in automated solutions for dissolution, ...
5 Automated Testing Best Practices
SmartBear Software
There are a lot of reasons as to why automated testing is beneficial, and by using these best practices in your automated testing you can ensure that your testing is successful and you get the maximum return on investment (ROI). It is impossible to automate all testing, so it is important to determine what test cases should be automated first. The benefit of automated testing is linked to how ...
Selecting Automated Testing Tools
SmartBear Software
Selecting the right automated software testing tool involves having a list of requirements to review during your evaluation. Without a list of requirements, you may waste time downloading, installing and evaluating tools that only meet some of your requirements. This White Paper outlines common requirements for automated testing tools which you can build from to create a list that reflects the ...
6 Tips to Get Started with Automated Testing
SmartBear Software
Thorough testing is crucial to the success of a software product. If your software doesn’t work properly, chances are strong that most people won’t buy or use it…at least not for long. But testing to find defects – or bugs – is time-consuming, expensive, often repetitive, and subject to human error. Automated testing, in which Quality Assurance teams use software tools to run detailed, ...

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SOTAX HT100 Automated Tablet Hardness Testing SOTAX Corp. The fastest automated tablet testing system with the revolutionary Auto Alignment™ and Auto Separator device ensures consistent, trouble-free results for ...
PCTA-2000 Pallet Wrapper with digital scale Q.C testing Phoenix Stretch Wrappers PCTA 2000 pre-delivery Q.C. testing just before being shipped to our customer warehouse.
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