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PEMED  PEMED - one of the largest stocking dealers of used medical equipment in the United States. Without exception, everything listed here is in stock in our Denver, Colorado warehouse. Tenemos y entendemos equipo medico...
Tabletop centrifuge IEC 4-place swinging bucket rotor, marked 9-99; buckets have 72 mm inner diameter (4 x 250 ml) bucket inserts (Fisher 04-874-007D, IEC 6563) have 17 mm...
The Drucker Company  The Drucker Company continues the tradition of providing quality centrifuges. With little more than a vision and determination, Ken Drucker purchased the Phillips Company, a St. Louis, Missouri instrument repair company,...
Eltek  VISION MISSION VALUES. Consistent values are base for committed mission and vision to reach the goal. Eltek Group has always been very clear in this direction. VISION: To be a dependable partner in Scientific Research...
Analytical Instruments  Analytical Instruments is a source of information for those establishing new laboratories or expanding existing laboratories. Our knowledgeable staff can help you select the right piece of equipment for your...
Laboratory Tabletop Centrifuges Tabletop Centrifuges: Tabletop centrifuges are also referred to as benchtop centrifuges. They offer a versatile selection of tube sizes and variable speeds,...
Neuation Technologies  Micro centrifuge, Mini Centrifuge, Personal centrifuge, Laboratory centrifuge, Research centrifuge, Cell culture equipment, Sedimentation centrifuge, Pelletization centrifuge, high speed centrifuge, low speed centrifuge,...
iFuge M08 Personal Centrifuge upto 2000xg rcf/6000 rpm, 8 clsot closed microtube rotor for spin downs, microfileration and cell separation
Sorbent Technologies, Inc.  Sorbent Technologies is a specialty chemical company focusing on premium products for chromatography, life science, and the Ecodiscoveries All-Natural Product Line, the revolutionary enzymes for a cleaner world.The...
Bellco Glass Inc.  Bellco Glass, Inc. is a family owned and operated manufacturer of laboratory glassware and equipment. Bellco, approaching its 75th anniversary, continues to serve the needs of pharmaceutical and biotech companies around...
Biodirect, Inc.  Specializing in HTS, liquid handling, and lab automation, Biodirect offers 100% certified used laboratory equipment at discount prices. We also offer depot and field services.
Abbott 3531 Centrifuge:Micro This Abbott Centrifuge Model 3531, holds 24 tubes. Unit range up to 13000 RPM and has a 24x1.5ml rotor.
Beckman Coulter Allegra 21R Centrifuge The Allegra 6 series centrifuges provide expanded versatile, large volume performance in a compact unit. Accepts the exclusive ARIES self balancing rotor...
VWR International  Here at VWR, we service the industrial, government, life science, education, electronics and pharmaceutical markets as a leading worldwide distributor of scientific equipment, supplies, chemicals and furniture. Through a...
NuAire Inc.  Choose NuAire for Ergonomic Laboratory Equipment; Biological Safety Cabinets, CO2 Incubators, Ultra Low Freezers, Laminar Airflow, Animal Handling, and more.
AireGard ES (Energy Saver) NU-114 Portable Air Scrubber The AireGard ES 114 Air Scrubber provides ISO Class 7 or Class 8 air in a Clinical or Medical setting where occupants’ infection status is a concern,...
Awel C 20 Laboratory Centriufge The C 20 Classical Ventilated Centrifuge / C 20-R Classical Refrigerated Centrifuge from awel offers excellent capacity per space ratio for any type of...
Harlow Scientific  Harlow Scientific is a purchaser and seller of high quality, reliable scientific and laboratory equipment. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service to scientists.
Beckman Allegra 6R Beckman Allegra 6R Refrigerated Table Top Centrifuge available for sale with rotor and warranty
Sorvall Legend RT Sorvall Legend RT refrigerated table top centrifuge available for sale with rotor
sBench Corporation  sBench is an online retailer of laboratory equipment, analytical instruments, consumables and supplies for the life and physical sciences.
Biolog Inc.  Biolog is a world leader in cell-based phenotypic testing technologies and assays. We have focused our efforts on developing technologies and products to test properties of cells (phenotypes) very simply and efficiently.
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Tabletop Centrifuge Research Library

Ethylene Oxide Residuals, An Alternative Testing Method
Pace Analytical Life Sciences, LLC
Drivers for Alternative Methods Meet new standard requirements for 10993-7 & 10993-18 Research alternative methodologies for Chemical Characterization Determine compliant, cost effective “One Shot Analysis” Seek method that minimizes product consumption
Gas Phase Analysis of Water Using Fourier Transform Infrared
Pace Analytical Life Sciences, LLC
Method Advantages Broad range of selectivity for detection of compounds (organic and inorganic) Multiple spectral regions can be used to quantify compounds Recent ASTM, NIOSH & EPA approvals -Methods have been validated
Headspace Moisture Analysis in Medical Device Packages
Pace Analytical Life Sciences, LLC
Quantitative analysis using high resolution gas phase considers shelf life, corrosion, degradable polymers, drug potency, package permeability, and sterilization optimization. This guide analyzes the challenges facing and solutions on Headspace Moisture.
Material Properties, Leachables/Extractables, and Surface Cleanliness
Pace Analytical Life Sciences, LLC
Preclinical Testing for the Medical Device Industry – Material Properties, Leachables/Extractables, and Surface Cleanliness Jonas Weissenrieder, Ph.D. Pace Analytical Life Sciences Oakdale, Minnesota Effects of Material and Chemical properties on the biological profile Chemical and Material Analysis Why do chemical characterization? Equivalence studies? Economy?
Trace Level Moisture Analysis in Biomaterials and Headspace
Pace Analytical Life Sciences, LLC
When analyzing trace level moisture in biomaterials and headspace of packages you must consider the shelf life, corrosion, degradable polymers, drug potency, package permeability and sterilization optimization. This analysis will examine these variables and how they affect moisture.

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AWELook Advanced Centrifuge Design NuAire Inc. AWELook describes the ground-breaking design of AWEL International centrifuges
AWELock Rapid Centrifuge Rotor Exchange NuAire Inc. AWELock enables centrifuge rotors to be exchanged in a few seconds.
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