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Pharma Consulting Group  PCG is a Swedish independent Contract Research Organisation, providing Data Management, Statistical, Clinical Operation and Medical Writing services to the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies within...
Viedoc™ Timely information is critical to successful clinical trial management. The need to stay on top of what is happening with the clinical trial instead of...
Advanced Chemistry Development (ACD/Labs)  ACD/Labs develops enterprise solutions and desktop software for R&D. We provide vendor neutral analytical data processing and prediction, knowledge management, interactive reporting, chemical naming, and...
ACD/IXCR Reduce the time spent on manual interpretation and validation of GC/MS spectra with Intelligent Compound Recognition from ACD/Labs.
ACD/MS Fragmenter Predict mass fragmentation in seconds with ACD/MS Fragmenter. Explore fragmentation pathways, gain unbiased review of all possible fragments, and create...

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Unified Laboratory Intelligence
Advanced Chemistry Development (ACD/Labs)
Creating an intelligence-from-information ‘live’ cycle enables scientists to search, retrieve, and reuse unified chemical content with context throughout R&D, process development, and manufacturing for better chemical identification, characterization and optimization, improved productivity, and increased returns. U nified Laboratory Intelligence (ULI) is a technology framework to collect and ...
Gas Phase Analysis of Water Using Fourier Transform Infrared
Pace Analytical Life Sciences, LLC
Method Advantages Broad range of selectivity for detection of compounds (organic and inorganic) Multiple spectral regions can be used to quantify compounds Recent ASTM, NIOSH & EPA approvals -Methods have been validated
Ethylene Oxide Residuals, An Alternative Testing Method
Pace Analytical Life Sciences, LLC
Drivers for Alternative Methods Meet new standard requirements for 10993-7 & 10993-18 Research alternative methodologies for Chemical Characterization Determine compliant, cost effective “One Shot Analysis” Seek method that minimizes product consumption
Material Properties, Leachables/Extractables, and Surface Cleanliness
Pace Analytical Life Sciences, LLC
Preclinical Testing for the Medical Device Industry – Material Properties, Leachables/Extractables, and Surface Cleanliness Jonas Weissenrieder, Ph.D. Pace Analytical Life Sciences Oakdale, Minnesota Effects of Material and Chemical properties on the biological profile Chemical and Material Analysis Why do chemical characterization? Equivalence studies? Economy?
Headspace Moisture Analysis in Medical Device Packages
Pace Analytical Life Sciences, LLC
Quantitative analysis using high resolution gas phase considers shelf life, corrosion, degradable polymers, drug potency, package permeability, and sterilization optimization. This guide analyzes the challenges facing and solutions on Headspace Moisture.

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Photometric and Spectral Calibration Standards Gooch & Housego
Real-Time Spectral Unmixing with the HSi-440C from Gooch and Housego Gooch & Housego
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