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Neovasc  Neovasc develops, manufactures and markets innovative vascular devices. Our products include the Neovasc Reducer™ for refractory angina and PeriPatch™ surgical tissue. We also offer pericardial tissue processing, vascular...
Product Development & Contract Manufacturing Neovasc offers pericardial tissue processing, vascular product development, design and manufacturing solutions to our customers.

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Design for SAFETY
General Electric Company
Rick Schlobohm, P.E. – Senior Specification Engineer, GE Consumer & Industrial This is part 1 of an ongoing series intended to give tips and suggestions to the electrical design engineer to design electrical distribution systems with safety for the end user as the primary concern. The concern with the worker's safety continues to increase and there are numerous items which can be specified and ...
Quality by Design
Particle Sciences
Background In the past few years much has been said and written about Quality by Design (QbD)1,2. It has been discussed in many forums by the FDA and industry consul- tants as well. The FDA launched a pilot program in 2005 to allow firms an opportunity to submit chemistry, manufacturing, and controls (CMC) information obtained through the application of QbD3,4. To date only a handful of companies ...
optimize database design
TOMOS Software, LLC
Optimized Database Design for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Noel Vega Senior Database Administrator TOMOS Software, LLC 360 Lexington Avenue · 9th Floor · New York, NY 10017 · phone 212.682.1315 · email page 1 © 2009 TOMOS Software, LLC In today's economic climate, many firms large and small have difficult financial decisions to make. Balancing a budget with the need ...
The Concept of Quality by Design
JRS Pharma LP
Patients expect pharmaceutical products, which show first of all efficacy and safety but also a good quality. While efficacy and safety were ruled out in many guidelines some years ago, the broad regulation of quality is relatively new. US Food and Drug Administration started in 2002 with a concept to ensure pharmaceutical quality, called Quality by Design. The idea of Quality by ...
White Paper - Experimental Design
Microarray experiments generally focus on three main experimental types: 1. Class Comparison (Figure 1.1) 2. Class Prediction (Figure 1.2) 3. Class Discovery (Figure 1.3) Figure 1.1 An example of a class comparison study with treated and control samples compared to generate a differential expression heatmap. This experimental type aims to identify genes or transcripts that are differentially ...

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AWELook Advanced Centrifuge Design NuAire Inc. AWELook describes the ground-breaking design of AWEL International centrifuges
ShockWatch Package Design & Testing Services Shockwatch, Inc., Contact ShockWatch to assess and qualify existing systems or design new and improved packaging methods.
Design Verification Services Tutela Monitoring Systems LLC Pharmaceuticals

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Design Verification Services Fisher BioServices Company
Design Verification Services The Jackson Laboratory Company
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