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Intro to Optical Liquids
Cargille Labs
Any liquid can be used for its optical properties, but in practice the need for stability, low toxicity, system compatibility, transparency, and low cost is key. In addition, critical considerations like specific refractive index and dispersion values would make finding a suitable liquid for an application an enormous and complicated task. Cargille Laboratories has compiled the liquid formulas ...
Computational Optical Spectrometers
This white paper describes a new generation of spectrometer technology that employs computational optical sensing technology. The performance of a spectrometer based on this novel technology is then compared to conventional slit and fiber input spectrometers. Dispersive spectrometers come in two basic designs: scanned- grating monochromators and static grating designs with detector arrays. With ...
Optical Modulation for High Bit Rate Transport Technologies
Sunrise Telecom Incorporated.
Back in the early ‘90s, copper lines moved from digital baseband line coding (e.g. 2B1Q, 4B3T, AMI, and HDB3, among others) to complex modulation schemes to increase speed, reach, and reliability. We were all skeptical that a technology like DSL would have been able to transmit 256 simultaneous QAM16 signals and achieve 8 Mbit/s. Today copper is already reaching the 155 Mbit/s mark. This is ...
Choosing Which Optical System of the Optima™ XL-I Analytical Ultracentrifuge to Use
Beckman Coulter, Inc
The fundamental measurement in any analytical ultracentrifuge experiment is the concentration as a function of radial position. The Optima™ XL-I 1 of- fers two optical systems for determining the concen- tration distribution. The first is the absorbance op- tics, which provide greater selectivity and sensitivity. The second is the Rayleigh interference2 optical sys- tem, which provides great ...
Poster: Imaging Lymphatics with a Variety of Near-Infrared-Labeled Optical Agents
LI-COR Biosciences
The lymphatic system is a specialized network of the circulatory system responsible for fluid balance in the body, absorption and transport of fats and fatty acids, and supporting the immune response. Enhanced permeability and retention (EPR) is a phrase that describes phenomena of the tumor microenvironment, in which vascu- lature is relatively discontinuous, allowing molecules to diffuse from ...

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VisionGauge Digital Optical Comparator / Profile Projector overview VISIONx INC The VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparator is the fastest, easiest, and most accurate way to compare a part to its CAD file. - More Accurate - Higher ...
Multimodal Optical and Nuclear Imaging Bruker BioSpin Corporation Preclinical applications of biomedical imaging are rapidly expanding as tools for molecular biology research and diagnostic contrast agent development. As ...
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