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Columbia Analytical Services, Inc  A registered contract testing laboratory that provides cGMP-compliant testing to raw material suppliers, CMOs, and product developers/sponsors.
ImmunoSite Technologies, LLC  Contract Research Services provider of assay automation and product development for the Life Sciences, and particle testing for manufacturing QC.
Assay Automation Services For when you have to do more with less by yesterday!
Particle Testing Services Particle size, distribution, concentration, count, and zeta potential
Promwad  Promwad is an innovation company specializing in embedded systems technology integration. Our intellectual potential is targeted at electronic devices development, while the technologies used enable us to provide...
Certification tests Our experience shows that if you do not take into consideration the necessity of making preliminary certification tests then you are at a higher risk of...
Full-scale production The purpose of this stage is the industrial production of the device, ready to be sold to the end user. At this stage, developers can support full-scale...
Stabicon Life Sciences Pvt Ltd  Stabicon Life Sciences Pvt Ltd, just briefly, we provide specialized and focused services for complete stability study management including storage of samples, analysis and preparation of required documentation,...
USDM  USDM is a leading global consulting firm focused on life sciences. We specialize in regulated business processes, with an emphasis on compliance and performance.

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IST and Praxair Surface Technologies Make Stronger, Longer Lasting Protective Coatings
ImmunoSite Technologies, LLC
How Particle Testing Analysis Helps Praxair Surface Technologies Make Stronger, Longer Lasting Protective Coatings For Diverse Products Leading global supplier of surface-enhancing processes and materials counts on ImmunoSite Technologies particle testing services to ensure the highest quality for coatings that protect and endure in harsh environments A particle testing professional at IST ...
Top Tips for Purchasing Electronic Test Equipment
Test Equipment Connection
Top Tips for Purchasing Electronic Test and Measurement Equipment When obtaining Test and Measurement Equipment there are many factors involved in the decision making process. Below are some considerations to assist you in making a favorable buying decision. The categories for purchasing T&M equipment can be considered as follows: New, Used and Refurbished. * New equipment requires minimal ...
Improving Cryopreservation of PBMC for More Reliable Information From Clinical Trials
ImmunoSite Technologies, LLC
In this document, we discuss a feasibility study that evaluates new methods to improve cryopreservation of PBMC to obtain more reliable information from clinical trials. The increased demand to develop new therapeutic products faster and with minimal side effects has prompted investigators to focus on new predictive tests and patient stratification strategies. As a result, more preclinical and ...
Standardized Functional Cell-Based Immune Response Assays in Vaccine and Biologic R&D
ImmunoSite Technologies, LLC
The identification and application of correlates of immune response can enable significant time and money savings especially in clinical trial settings for vaccine and biologic R&D. Functional cell-mediated immune response assays have been used as readouts · To evaluate efficacy of vaccines and therapeutic strategies for infectious diseases and cancer · To identify and characterize the undesired ...
Throw Away Test Automation
Original Software
Business Agility Requires Disposable Test Assets Introduction Software test automation has been available for over a quarter of a century, but the practice still has many sceptics and the biggest barrier to adoption remains the level of maintenance required to sustain it. Achieving just a moderate level of automation coverage requires considerable investment of budget and resource. With ...

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ImmunoSite Technologies, LLC Document ImmunoSite Technologies, LLC ImmunoSite's Contract Research Services and Analytical Testing
ImmunoSite Technologies, LLC Document ImmunoSite Technologies, LLC See a robot in action---just one step of a fully automated ELISA system. It's too big to show it all!
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