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Service Industries LLC  Service Industries supplies blister packaging and bottle filling machines and parts to the pharmaceutical industry. We offer blister packaging, deblistering, and leak testing machines and tooling, slat fillers, slats,...
Sepha PakScan The Sepha PakScan is a non-destructive leak tester for Pouches, Sachets, and Bags with flexible and non-porous materials. It uses pressure, vacuum, and...
Qorpak  Qorpak® has been known as an industry leader of packaging to the pharmaceutical, chemical, petroleum, environmental, and educational markets for more than 30 years. The popularity of the Qorpak® product line has enabled...
Dabrico Inc.  Dabrico Inc. is recognized for its work by the top pharmaceutical companies in the industry. We have been manufacturing automation equipment for the pharmaceutical and other industries for over 31 years. In addition we...

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Food Vacuum White Paper
Equilibar, LLC
Precision Vacuum Regulator Improves Package Sealing Quality Today’s vacuum-sealed food packaging requires milli-second control. Abstract Today many fresh meats and vegetables are packaged using a process called Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) where oxygen is removed and an inert gas is substituted. A strong vacuum must be quickly deployed inside the package before Nitrogen or Carbon Dioxide ...
Vacuum Material Handling
Equilibar, LLC
Centralized Vacuum systems: Material handling applications The Challenge: A centralized vacuum system consists of one vacuum source, usually located remotely, providing vacuum to multiple points of use. Such a system offers ease of design, installation and maintenance, but presents challenges when each machine requires different levels of vacuum from other machines or when machines are taken off ...
Opthalmic Product Packaging Inspection Case Study
Packaging Technologies & Inspection - PTI
Ophthalmic products come in a variety of package formats and have a variety of eye-care applications. The liquid filled package formats are often soft containers with snap on or torque screw caps, but also include foil lidded blister packs for single use contacts. Most contact lens solutions clean, disinfect, lubricate, and remove protein deposits from the lens while matching certain chemical ...
Leak Testing Baby Formula Packaging
Packaging Technologies & Inspection - PTI
Seal-Scan VeriPac Ve TM Press Release Inspection Systems Case Study The cost of protein based powders is relatively high, and global dairy prices lead the pack in price increases. The overall global demand for dairy has surged as a result of increased dairy use in the Middle East and Asia. As countries become more developed, the use of dairy based baby formula increases dramatically. Dairy ...
Dilemmas in Packaging Development
Everybody has an opinion about packaging. It’s like football, everyone’s an expert! Its association with environmental problems is often heard. Unfortunately, there are few people who know the ins and outs of packaging. See the complete insight into packaging and all its facets.

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E-Vac Vacuum Generators EXAIR Corporation
American Can 08 Vacuum Can Seamer Union Standard Equipment Union Confectionery Machinery/ Union Standard Equipment Company Bronx, NY Contact: John Greenberg Phone: (718) 585-0200 x144 Email: ...
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