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NAV-X  Distribution software for today's business. This solution includes:Forecasting, Trade Promotion, EDI, Warehouse & Inventory Management, Supply Chain, Analytics & Reporting, Integrated Shipping, and Financials to meet the...
NAV-X ERP Software NAV-X is a complete end-to-end solution for today's distributor. The feature list includes: Inventory Management, EDI, Order Processing, Document...
JDA Software Group  JDA is the world’s most comprehensive provider of innovative supply chain management and pricing excellence solutions. For nearly 30 years, JDA has empowered its customers to make optimal decisions that improve...

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Rapid Growth of Full Time Equivalent
Lancaster Laboratories
With the global economy in a recession, a vast majority of pharmaceutical companies are being forced to cut costs and control spending. Companies are left searching for value-added programs that will allow them to project all of their outsourcing costs for an entire year in order to lock in on set annual costs. See how Full Time Equivalent (FTE) staffing programs can help realize these savings.
How “Full Service EDC” is changing the rules
BioClinica, Inc.
The promise of Electronic Data Capture to improve the speed and quality of clinical trials is too great to be ignored. These eight “secrets to success” will help you understand how to fulfill that promise — and gain the full advantage of EDC.
Over 4000 Full Length Affinity Purified Human Proteins
A new range of over 4,000 full length affinity purified human proteins expressed in HEK293 cells and derived using an extensive collection of human cDNA clones is now available. The new range is currently the broadest offering of human proteins produced in human cells. Find out how It has been prepared to ensure optimal preservation of protein structure, post-translational modifications and ...
Full Service EDC as an Alternative to Outsourcing
BioClinica, Inc.
Using EDC, sponsors have more control over their clinical studies and better visibility into study data. Learn how combining technological efficiency with experienced personnel ensures that sponsors get the information they need about their studies faster, and with better safety and control.
Full Validation of a High Resolution ICP-MS Bioanalysis Method for Iron in Human Plasma with K2EDTA
MPI Research
Purpose: To validate a bioanalytical inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) method for quantification of iron in human plasma with K EDTA (matrix). This method was validated using typical bioanalytical 2 validation parameters. Materials and methods: Iron reference standards and germanium internal standard (IS) were from Ultra Scientific. Reagent water had a resistivity ≥18 MΩcm. ...

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Nexera UHPLC - Full Version Shimadzu Laboratory applications for LC systems are very diverse, extending from the product development phase to verification of quality. Therefore, a modular ...
LifeSize Room 220- Full HD Video Conferencing LifeSize Communications - A division of Logitech
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