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TraceLink Inc.  TraceLink Life Sciences Cloud ensures global track and trace compliance and improves visibility and performance from ingredient to patient.
InfoExchange * Manage ProcessLink workspace ownership and administration * Manage shared corporate information * Administer users, user status and rights
EtQ, Inc  EtQ offers Quality Management and Regulatory Compliance Software, Document Management Software, Employee Training Tracking, and exceeds GMP standards, including ISO 13485, ISO 14791, and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance...
EtQ for Life Sciences EtQ's FDA GMP Compliance Software for Life Sciences is an integrated quality management and FDA Compliance Software system that exceeds GMP standards,...
EtQ for Manufacturing QMS Software EtQ for Manufacturing is an integrated Quality and Compliance
Innovatum, Inc.  Innovatum specializes in enterprise compliance software and services for the Life Sciences. Innovatum software helps some of the world's most prominent pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech manufactures meet...
InnoTasc The increasingly global nature of today's business landscape requires powerful tools to effectively manage documents and tasks among multiple personnel,...
JDA Software Group  JDA is the world’s most comprehensive provider of innovative supply chain management and pricing excellence solutions. For nearly 30 years, JDA has empowered its customers to make optimal decisions that improve...
JDA Advanced Marketplace Collaboration In an era of supply chains competing against supply chains, companies need to count on their trading partners to maintain and grow competitive position. JDA...
JDA Advanced Marketplace Collaboration In an era of supply chains competing against supply chains, companies need to count on their trading partners to maintain and grow competitive position. JDA...

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Innovatum, Inc.
Bar codes are an integral part of modern business in virtually every industry across the globe, providing an automated means of encoding and decoding data for a wide variety of applications. Here, an in-depth breakdown is provided of the past, present and future of this essential technology Bar codes provide extensive benefits to businesses and consumers alike in terms of efficiency, data ...
Innovatum, Inc.
ACEUTICAL ENGINEERING® The Official Magazine of ISPE Green Label System Implementation May/June 2011, Vol. 31 No. 3 ©Copyright ISPE 2011 This article presents arguments for the implementation of an electronic labeling system in the life science industries. These systems are capable of generating significant Return on Investment (ROI), while at the same time reducing waste, improving efficiency, ...
Data Loss Prevention
Innovatum, Inc.
Data and information—whether trade secrets, intellectual property, customer records, patient information, credit card numbers, social security numbers, sales figures or manufacturing specs—is as valuable to business as treasure. Technology has further increased the value of such information, allowing it to be stored, accessed and shared. However, open system technology has also introduced real ...
Critical Components of FDA-regulated Pharmaceutical Labeling
Innovatum, Inc.
Comprehensive explanation of the challenges FDA-regulated manufacturers in the Life Sciences face in their labeling operations, and the critical components for successfully meeting those challenges.
Serialization – A Worldwide challenge
Innovatum, Inc.
This article presents operational considerations and related recommended approaches for implementing serialization to address existing and upcoming regulatory requirements in a pharmaceutical environment. e Introduction nforcement and global infrastructure discussions aside, it is safe to say that most,ifnotall,lifescienceproductmanu- facturers and distributors recognize the need for and have ...

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