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Levels of Maturity in the Order to Cash Process
Looking closely at the typical order-to-cash process in a large organization, there are three distinct levels of process maturity: basic, progressive, and mastery. An organization must pass through the first two levels before mastering a succinct, end-to-end process.
Executive Order 13514 Overview White Paper
Executive Order 13514 Overview White Paper While the Executive Order 13514 establishes deadlines for each agency to report back to the executive, it does not establish firm guidelines for carbon emission reductions. Each agency must compose its own estimates based on anticipated achievement and an overall assessment will then be collated by the Council chairman before being returned to ...
Warehouse Automation: How to Implement Tomorrow's Order Fulfillment System Today
Kiva Systems
With increasing levels of uncertainty and the inability to predict supply and demand fluctuations because of global economic pressures, today's logistics executives find themselves scratching their heads in order to find balance in the supply chain. The first reaction may be to continue to tighten the belt to ride out the uncertainty and maintain as much status quo as possible.
Development of Antibody arrays for Higher Order Structure Analysis
Array Bridge, Inc.
ORIGINAL RESEARCH ARTICLE published: 21 August 2013 doi: 10.3389/fphar.2013.00103 Development of antibody arrays for monoclonal antibody Higher Order Structure analysis Edited by: Feng He, Amgen, USA Reviewed by: Kai Zheng, Genentech, USA Jing Liu, Seattle Genetics, USA *Correspondence: Xing Wang, Array Bridge Inc., 4320 Forest Park Avenue, Suite 303, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA e-mail: ...
Cycle Time in Hours to Place Purchase Order
APQC's perspective on Open Standards Benchmarking procurement data related to the cycle time to place a purchase order.

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