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Early RFID implementations were fundamentally driven by external mandates, but along with signicant technological improvements, more readily available component options, cost reductions, and shared lessons learned, the technology has proven its value in driving signicant operational efciencies, and RFID has gained a broader adoption. Today, industries are looking beyond the realm of compliance, as they seek competitive advantages and integrate RFID much earlier into their production processes. Innovative companies are expanding the use of RFID in their supply chain, logistics and asset tracking operations. As a result, they are achieving demonstrable improvements in supply chain visibility, forecast accuracy, reduced out-of-stock situations and reduced counterfeiting.

Whitepaper: Common RFID Implementation Issues: 10 Considerations for Deployment

3. Optimize tag placement and orientation. 7

4. Congure the reader for the application. 8

6. Be cautious with system alterations. 10
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