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“Organizations that practice asset management had 15% lower total cost of ownership. The greatest savings from AM practices were realized in the areas of procurement (160%), disposal (60%), operations (44%), user support (43%) and database management (43%).” IDC

In today’s current regulatory and highly-competitive business environment, asset management is taking on far greater importance than in the past, with closer scrutiny of return on investment as well as full disclosure of financial asset information.

Yet, in many organizations asset management is still one of the weakest areas of internal controls — resulting in overpayment of taxes and insurance, higher total cost of ownership, and the risk of non-compliance with regulatory mandates.

Whether it’s Sarbanes-Oxley compliance or the pressure to squeeze out the maximum return on assets, it’s no longer an option to continue business as usual. Companies today must make significant improvements to address how fixed assets are tracked and managed.
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