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Supply Chain Management is a truly dynamic field. Over the last few years the fundamental structure of the chains has changed to the point where many of the working assumptions have to be re-evaluated.

One of the changes that has become obvious is that technology misfits have emerged. It’s like going to the gym and getting lean, then finding that your clothes no longer fit! Also, if you haven’t gotten to the gym lately, you will be surprised at the cool new equipment that has been developed to make you leaner, stronger, and agile! Sometimes when I see this new technology, I am confused about how I will use it, what benefit it will provide, and how it fits into the program I currently have. And, sometimes, a new approach is so revolutionary (for me, at least) that it requires a re-assessment of my entire workout program.

In this article we will discuss the technologies, how they enable the new emerging structure of the supply chain; and most importantly, make the case for a fresh approach to selecting technology.

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