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TruCulture Whole Blood Collection and Culture System
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Accurate measurement of immune activity in relation to therapeutic dosing is an important part of many clinical trials, yet is poorly addressed by traditional techniques. Typical immune activity monitoring is performed using isolated leukocytes or even sorted sub- population culturing methods followed by an analytical measurement. These methods require the shipment of intact blood samples to a cell culture lab plus extensive manipulation that leads to alteration of the in vivo physiological environment as well as cell stress and subsequent poor utility and reproducibility. TruCulture is a simple, reproducible method that eliminates such extensive manipulation and provides ease of use for sample collection and downstream analysis. Every feature of the TruCulture system is designed to give researchers the ability to reproducibly and accurately capture ex vivo immune cell activity to better characterize the efficacy and safety of a new drug, explore disease states, or develop new diagnostic tests.
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