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Finding and removing unencrypted and prohibited credit card data is one of the key requirements for compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS). The presence of unknown, unencrypted or prohibited card data is the leading cause of card data loss, disclosure and identity theft. Furthermore, the standard clearly prohibit the storage and transfer of card holder data in an unencrypted manner.

NSAP IT-consider IT done™ addresses the risk of having unencryted, unkown, or otherwise prohibited cardholder data in your operational environment. It is one of the rst comprehensive scanners to not only search for credit card data in le systems, but also in leading commercial and open source databases. One of the rst steps on the path toward PCI DSS compliance is to de ne the scope of the environment. We searches for credit card data (including PAN, track data, PINs, CVVs) in le systems, shared drives, databases, and removable drives, and serves to de ne the cardholder data environment for the organization. This feature alone serves the overall PCI compliance e ort.

We success at nding unauthorized or undocumented card data is de nitely an eye-opener for organizations who might otherwise be caught o guard by the unintended proliferation of credit card data within the enterprise organization. The discovery of unencrypted card data helps organizations to begin to control the storage of the data, implement the means to encrypt the data, or to remove it all together.

NSAP IT supports compliance with Requirement 3 of the PCI DSS.

This search feature may also be extended for nding other “sensitive” data that is stored in an unencrypted format (such as Social Security Numbers and Protected Health Information) Such searches are context sensitive and ControlCase can help develop the right search criteria for you based on your needs.
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