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The goal of any Content Management System (CMS) is to provide the organization with a repository of reusable content that can be used for information distribution and change management, while leveraging the assets already in place. Where CMS solutions differ is in how the system was architected and how it is implemented. When assessing your CMS needs, it is tempting to go with a one-stop, end-to-end solution, but with these solutions often come the challenges of proprietary languages and methods. Moreover, the proprietary end-to-end solution imposes its environmental needs on the organizations information architecture making it extremely difficult to manipulate or extract your data outside of the proprietary method. Refresh Software believes in the flexibility of choice, the ability to select best-of-breed components as the underlying foundation for both your information architecture and for your content management system. In the case of SR2, Refresh calls this Component Content Management adhering to Services-oriented Architectures along with a Web 2.0 focus.
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