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Direct Detect™ Biomolecular Quantitation System Application Note
EMD Millipore Bioscience
The Direct Detect™ system, an infrared (IR)-based spectrometry system, represents an innovation in biomolecular quantitation. The key to this advance lies in a new membrane technology for preparing and presenting aqueous biological samples to make them compatible with infrared analysis. Built upon EMD Millipore’s extensive experience in membrane technology, it employs a hydrophilic ...
Managing Scope Creep and Change: A Project Management Perspective Introduction
Aptalis Pharmaceutical Technologies
When managing the diverse and complex drug development cycle, whether it is discovery of a new molecule or a site transfer for an existing product, it is important for companies to devote the necessary project management resources. These resources are key elements for success in the pharmaceutical industry and include: expertise in strategic pipeline selection, use of standardized project ...
Regulatory Overview of Antimicrobial Products Bearing Public Health Claims
ATS Labs
Antimicrobial products intended to protect the public health are regulated as pesticides in the United States by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Before manufacturers can sell pesticides in the United States, EPA must evaluate the pesticides thoroughly to ensure that they meet federal safety standards to protect human health and the environment. This white paper, featuring a convenient ...
Low BET Surface Area Analysis (using Kr)
Quantachrome Instruments
Low Surface Area Analysis by Krypton Adsorption at 77.4K Abstract Measurement of very low surface area samples by manometric (volumetric) adsorption experiments using traditional nitrogen (at 77.4 K) or argon (at 87.3 K) is limited by the detection limits of even the best equipment. The recommended alternative is krypton adsorption, at liquid nitrogen temperature (i.e. 77.4 K), which improves ...
Erlab, Inc.
The goal of this article is to eliminate any preconceived negative notions against one system or the other so as to allow users to find the best solution in terms of cost and adaptability of use, without loosing sight of the fact that the solution retained should ultimately insure their safety.
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Biorise Bioavailability Enhancement Technology Aptalis Pharmaceutical Technologies Improved oral bioavailability of poorly soluble compounds resulting in equivalent therapy at lower doses.
Muse™ Cell Analyzer EMD Millipore Bioscience Achieve smarter cell analysis with your own Muse™. Be inspired by innovation at your side. The Muse™ Cell Analyzer delivers accurate assessments of cell ...

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