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Drug delivery expands its role in the pharma industry
Aptalis Pharmaceutical Technologies
The need for drug delivery solutions For pharmaceutical companies, the use of drug delivery technologies brings several obvious benefits. For example, there are opportunities to: • extend patents, protecting key brands from generic competition; • optimise returns on R&D investment by reformulating existing products and creating effective formulations for promising, but difficult to deliver, ...
Direct Detect™ Biomolecular Quantitation System Application Note
EMD Millipore Bioscience
The Direct Detect™ system, an infrared (IR)-based spectrometry system, represents an innovation in biomolecular quantitation. The key to this advance lies in a new membrane technology for preparing and presenting aqueous biological samples to make them compatible with infrared analysis. Built upon EMD Millipore’s extensive experience in membrane technology, it employs a hydrophilic ...
Regulatory Overview of Antimicrobial Products Bearing Public Health Claims
ATS Labs
Antimicrobial products intended to protect the public health are regulated as pesticides in the United States by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Before manufacturers can sell pesticides in the United States, EPA must evaluate the pesticides thoroughly to ensure that they meet federal safety standards to protect human health and the environment. This white paper, featuring a convenient ...
Powder Density for Solid Dosage Forms
Quantachrome Instruments
Both active and inactive (excipient) compounds are used in the manufacture of solid dosage formulations, i.e. tablets and capsules. These powders possess many properties or characteristics and exhibit certain behaviors as a result. Find out how to best calculate powder density and volume.
Evaluation of the specificity and sensitivity of a potential rapid influenza screening system.
Lucigen Corp.
Influenza remains a serious worldwide health threat with numerous deaths attributed to influenza-related complications. It is likely that transmission of influenza and both the morbidity and mortality of influenza could be reduced if inexpensive but reliable influenza screening assays were more available to the general public or local medical treatment facilities. This report provides the initial ...
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