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Regulatory Overview of Antimicrobial Products Bearing Public Health Claims
ATS Labs
Antimicrobial products intended to protect the public health are regulated as pesticides in the United States by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Before manufacturers can sell pesticides in the United States, EPA must evaluate the pesticides thoroughly to ensure that they meet federal safety standards to protect human health and the environment. This white paper, featuring a convenient ...
Muse: Cell Counts & Viability Application Note
EMD Millipore Bioscience
The assessment of cell concentration in combination with viability is an important step in the characterization of cell health. Cell concentration and viability information can be used for monitoring proliferation rates, optimizing growth conditions and normalizing cell data for further studies, such as assessing the impacts of cytotoxic compounds. Current methods rely on multiple, sometimes ...
Challenges in drug development and delivery
Aptalis Pharmaceutical Technologies
John Fraher of Eurand and Gerd Paulus of Swiss BioAnalytics talk to NGP about common problems in developing successful pharmaceutical products.
DVS Water Vapor Sorption on Milk Powder (lactose)
Quantachrome Instruments
Material Category: Food Method Category: Water vapor sorption Instrument Category: Aquadyne DVS Milk powder is a valuable commodity for industrialized and third world countries. It is widely used in industrialized countries as the basis for powdered infant foods and by the baking and confection industries as a raw ingredient. In developing countries, especially those hit by famines, milk powder ...
Poster: Monitoring Progression of Prostate Tumors in Mice By Receptor-Targeted Near Infrared Optical Imaging
LI-COR Biosciences
Progression of prostate cancer to metastatic disease is a leading cause of cancer death in men. Mechanisms of prostate cancer growth, invasion, and metastasis are studied in mice by surgical implantation of tumor cells in the prostate. Use of sensitive noninvasive imaging techniques to track progression in this model would greatly facilitate screening of therapeutics. In this report, we have ...
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EMD Millipore Bioscience Company

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Overview of Services Aptalis Pharmaceutical Technologies The Aptalis Pharmaceutical Technologies business specializes in product development that leverages our proprietary pharmaceutical technologies. We utilize ...
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