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California Transplant Donor Network
Tutela Monitoring Systems LLC
CaliforniaTransplantDonorNetwork/shortve rsion_Layout1 17/09/2014 15:20 Page1 California Transplant Donor Network (CTDN) is a non-profit organization that facilitates organ and tissue donations for transplantation in Northern and Central California and Nevada. CTDN works closely with hospitals, transplant centers, and the public making sure quality donations are provided safely and on time. CTDN ...
Commercially Successful Cell Therapies eBook
Fisher BioServices
If you have a cell-based therapy in development, then you need to consider such variables as packaging, storage, in- ventory management, monitoring systems, distribution, and even clinical site capabilities well before you begin to pre- pare the Investigational New Drug (IND) submission to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). By sidestepping these issues until clinical trials begin, you may ...
Experimental determination of mechanical properties of tablets
L.B. Bohle Maschinen + Verfahren GmbH
Experimental determination of mechanical properties of tablets S. Just1, G. Toschkoff2, A. Funke3, A. Altmeyer4, J. Khinast2, K. Knop1, D. Suzzi2, P. Kleinebudde1 1 Institute of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, Heinrich-Heine-University, Duesseldorf, Germany 2 Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering GmbH, Graz, Austria 3 Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals, Global Pharmaceutical Development, ...
2012 Oncology Marketing Trends
SK&A, A Cegedim Company
Pharma promotion spend dropped by 10 percent compared to summer 2010, despite new product introductions, according to this report from Cegedim Strategic Data. This report reveals the top five cancer categories and pharma manufacturers ranked by promotional spending. Use this report to understand and compare the marketing channels that pharma companies are utilizing for oncology products. All ...
Rapid Counting of Somatic Cells in Dairy Milk Using the Scepter™ 2.0 Cell Counter, Following Spin-Wash Sample Preparation
EMD Millipore Bioscience
Milk from sick cows exhibits increased somatic cell counts (SCC) due to the release of white blood cells into the gland to combat infection. Samples displaying SCC = 200,000 cells/mL are considered healthy, values = 300,000 cells/mL are indicative of early stages of infection (subclinical mastitis), and counts = 750,000 cells/mL denote full-blown mastitis. Given that subclinical cases present the ...
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Tutela Wireless Temperature Monitoring Tutela Monitoring Systems LLC Tutela wireless temperature monitoring systems are fully FDA compliant, deliver unparalleled accuracy, and rock-solid audit trails for complete regulatory ...
Jackson Laboratory's legacy of genetic discovery The Jackson Laboratory The Jackson Laboratory has been a significant force in genetic discovery for more than 80 years. We discover the genetic basis for preventing, treating ...

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