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NuAire | Cross contamination in a Biological Safety Cabinet
NuAire Inc.
Impact of Class II Biological Safety Cabinet Downflow Velocity on Cross Contamination Over the last several years, Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) manufacturers have lowered downflow velocity while maintaining inflow velocity in an effort to increase energy efficiency, reduce exhaust system requirements and lower BSC Noise and vibration levels. However, the lowering of downflow velocity may come ...
Commercially Successful Cell Therapies eBook
Fisher BioServices
If you have a cell-based therapy in development, then you need to consider such variables as packaging, storage, in- ventory management, monitoring systems, distribution, and even clinical site capabilities well before you begin to pre- pare the Investigational New Drug (IND) submission to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). By sidestepping these issues until clinical trials begin, you may ...
FDA Inspection – A Survival Guide
Tutela Monitoring Systems LLC
While the FDA are the regulatory body, there is actually no legal requirement to respond to a Form 483 inspection report. According to the FDA’s own website, a form 483 report records “inspectional observations, and do not represent a final agency determination regarding your compliance.” It all sounds quite benign, but the consequences and ramifications can be serious and a timely, proper, ...
Patient Centric Drug Delivery
Adare Pharmaceuticals
Aptalis Pharmaceutical Technologies offers a broad portfolio of oral drug delivery technology platforms, including Taste-Masking, Bioavailability Enhancement, and Customized Drug Release. Together, these flexible technology platforms combined with the company’s licensing, manufacturing, and R & D capabilities enable Aptalis Pharmaceutical Technologies and its partners to produce customized drug ...
Optimization of Tablet Coating Processes using Discrete Element Method Simulations
L.B. Bohle Maschinen + Verfahren GmbH
In the pharmaceutical industry, drum coating is a widely used unit operation to produce film tablets. The applied coating layer(s) fulfill different functions, e.g. taste masking and coloring, API release modification, or application of an additional API. For all these aspects, both inter-tablet uniformity and intra-tablet uniformity are of great importance [1]. In recent years, parallel to an ...
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NuAire Inc. Company

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