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Disinfection qualifications are critical in assuring the microbial control of a manufacturing environment by qualifying the appropriate use and effectiveness of disinfection products and procedures. Obtaining the highest confidence that aseptic, cleanroom, and other critical manufacturing environments are properly cleaned, sanitized and disinfected is paramount in assuring the production of safe ...
Novel Formulations to Improve the Control of Emesis
Aptalis Pharmaceutical Technologies
Reformulation is a key strategy for product development and helps address the challenges of the current market, such as longer new chemical entity (NCE) development timelines, fewer new drug approvals, increasing costs, looming patent expirations and the threat of generic erosion. Today, offering convenience in dosing or administration alone is no longer a sufficient product differentiator in the ...
Rapid Counting of Somatic Cells in Dairy Milk Using the Scepter™ 2.0 Cell Counter, Following Spin-Wash Sample Preparation
EMD Millipore Bioscience
Milk from sick cows exhibits increased somatic cell counts (SCC) due to the release of white blood cells into the gland to combat infection. Samples displaying SCC = 200,000 cells/mL are considered healthy, values = 300,000 cells/mL are indicative of early stages of infection (subclinical mastitis), and counts = 750,000 cells/mL denote full-blown mastitis. Given that subclinical cases present the ...
A Clinical Perspective on IV Medication Delivery
Baxter's BioPharma Solutions business
A Clinical Perspective on IV Medication Delivery Exploring the Benefits of Ready-to-Use IV Products A Clinical Perspective on IV Medication Delivery Management of medication delivery through intravenous (IV) administration is a complex and challenging task for pharmacists. Many considerations influence IV administration including patient safety, medical efficacy, budget implications and labor ...
New Method for "Fingerprinting" Biosimilars
Array Bridge, Inc.
Recent healthcare legislation in the U.S. has created a pathway for biosimilar approval and commercialization, potentially unleashing a wave of competition to the current class of blockbuster biologics now on the market. However, reconciling the development of these biosimilars with the innovator biologics they are designed to replace has created numerous challenges, a situation which might be ...
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EMD Millipore Overview EMD Millipore Bioscience EMD Millipore is a leading supplier in the life sciences industry with over 60,000 products, tools and technologies on the market. We provide ...
Tastemasking Technology Platform Aptalis Pharmaceutical Technologies Complete and uniform taste-masking capabilities, available in multiple presentation forms including AdvaTab® ODTs.

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